Catholic bishop in UK resigns with immediate effect

From the BBC:

From his own diocese:

That is why all we all need to pray for our priests, they are only human, and some women like to target priests just for there kicks, have seen it, I had a word with a woman and told her what I thought of her disgusting behaviour.

We are lucky to have them.

He said his actions “were not illegal and did not involve minors”.

Bishop Kieran’s statement did not specify in what way he had been “unfaithful” to his promises but it will be read in all Catholic churches over the weekend.

Per the BBC, I had heard about this.

The Catholic Church is very much like a political party, in times of trouble it closes like an oyster. I’m inclined to think he was unfaithful to his vows in sexual matter, because nothing else would warrant such a deal to be made. I read an article in the about the situation, and it occurred to me that if he had been unfaithful (to his vows) with a woman, they/he himself would have been quite willing to mention it. They/he didn’t mention it, therefore the odds are 1000 to 0 that he has/had a homosexual affair. The article did mention, though, that "Bishop Conry was criticised by conservative churchgoers last year for meeting a group of Catholic homosexuals.

He defended the meeting, stating at the time: “I am … troubled that some people seem to regard sexual morality as a priority and ignore the more basic demands of the gospel. The gospel has little to say about sexual behaviour and a lot more to say about justice and charity.” "

Sad as it is at least he’s owning up to whatever it is. And I do mean WHATEVER. We have no way of knowing what that is and speculation about his sins is just that - sinful speculations. It could be a crisis of faith and has absolutely nothing to do with sexual impropriety. Give it a rest till whatever it is is made public.


Apologies. It was indeed speculation. Here’s what it’s really about:

I, like most of us, cannot throw the first stone. He had the courage to take responsibility for his failures and I hope he finds peace with his Christ, as we all need to do.
It is hard for the Church, as its enemies gloat over failures they could find in anyone if they looked hard. Even themselves.
The Church is a church of sinners so we must expect failure. However failure in our leaders at a time of sexual scandal in the Church is a bitter pill.

Good comment. However, I’m not sure if he is “taking responsibility” or if he is leaving because he may well have been caught. It almost looks like he went out in public with one of these women.

That said, you are totally correct, who are we to cast a stone.

Though the eyes of the church, this act is wrong, I take it any courtship with anyone over the age of consent would be just as wrong, a violation of trust, of his vows and duties.

Perhaps serious thought should be given to allowing priests and bishops to marry at least before ordination.

Yes, we are lucky to have our priests, but it’s no good blaming other people for this. The Bishop is the one who took a vow of celibacy and he is the one to blame if he broke his vow.

That would not solve the problem of people who break sacred promises or engage in extramarital sex. In fact, that is precisely what at least one woman was doing herself. The change would be that the priest would be engaging in adultery rather than fornication

bishop kieran is/was the bishop of my diocese. he visited my schools, very nice , respectable man.
he ruined his vows, but he still has my support

Hello Nownzen.

Okie dokie. Now we know what that whatever is. Thanks for cluing me in. I appreciate it.


Maybe some prayers for the husband he helped to cuckold and the children he helped alienate from their parents are also in order.

Yes, I agree. If you take the vow…but I actually really respect priests who come clean and step down. (I am not sure what happened here, just saying.) Celibacy is tough. I do think compassion is in order here. And this is probably wrong, but I do gradate these things - it wasn’t a minor. I try not to judge. And, yes, we should pray for the husband and the kids - they are the ones that really take the hit.

Married folks never have affairs eh?

Understanding the problem is step one in solving it.

Nice one! :smiley:
"Bishop Conry, 63, said he felt ‘liberated’ knowing he no longer has to bear the burden of his guilt alone.

“‘It has been difficult keeping the secret,’ he told the Mail. ‘In some respects I feel very calm. It is liberating. It is a relief. I have been very careful not to make sexual morality a priority [in his sermons]. I don’t think it got in the way of my job, I don’t think people would say I have been a bad bishop. But I can’t defend myself. I did wrong. Full stop.’”*

Just repulsive and infuriating.

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