Catholic bishops condemn Tiller slaying (CNA)

Washington D.C., Jun 2, 2009 / 12:12 am (CNA).- Several Catholic bishops have denounced the shooting of the abortion doctor George Tiller, offering their prayers for Tiller and his family while reiterating that the pro-life position can never serve as a justification for crimes.

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It’s the right thing to do. God bless our bishops.

Of course they would. Thankfully they were very prompt in doing so, but no media that I am aware of will even acknowledge this. They are already starting to rake pro lifers over the coals with no mention of the many condemnations not only by the Bishops but other prominent Catholics in the limelight as well. Not even a mention of it that I know of, by any news source. Only the attacks on pro life organizations.
Are you kidding? They will never give Catholic pro lifers credit. They will completely ignore anything we say.

Well said.

But isn’t this what we would (unhappily) expect? Murder, in any context and for any reason, is sinful. What good could be expected from murder?

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