Catholic bishops differ sharply on anti-gay laws

The issue is especially pressing in Africa, where Nigeria, the continent’s most populous country, recently adopted a harsh law that imposes a 14-year prison term for anyone entering into a same-sex relationship, as well as a 10-year sentence for anyone found to support gay clubs or meetings. Public displays of affection by gays and lesbians is considered a crime.

Legislation imposing similarly repressive sanctions on gays has been proposed in Uganda, Cameroon and Tanzania.

In a January letter on behalf of the Catholic hierarchy of Nigeria, Archbishop Ignatius Kaigama of Jos praised Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan for his “courageous and wise decision” in signing the legislation. Kaigama said it would protect Nigeria “against the conspiracy of the developed world to make our country and continent, the dumping ground for the promotion of all immoral practices.”

The new law prompted a wave of violence against gays when it passed.

A few days later, however, a strongly worded editorial in the The Southern Cross, a newspaper run jointly by the bishops of South Africa, Botswana and Swaziland, took aim at the new law, calling on the Catholic Church in Africa “to stand with the powerless” and “sound the alarm at the advance throughout Africa of draconian legislation aimed at criminalizing homosexuals.”

Shame on the bishop of Nigeria for supporting this draconian law.


I wish the Nigerian govt would crack down on all those internet scammers trying to fleece Americans!

Well, I guess it’d be better have like they have than like the US, and other places, where we have legal gay marriage, adoption, and where some gays are allowed to persecute Christian businesses and organizations, getting them shut down and fined.

So in order to stop Christian businesses from being sued or closed, homosexuality should be criminalized? :confused:

If bestality is illegal I don’t see what’s the problem with this. Using the rhetoric and “arguments” of the homosexualists you can just as easily condone bestiality, “love is love” and animals can consent too, but if you’re gonna say “no” to the homosexualists’ specious reasoning and ban bestiality, you might as well ban the aberrant sexual practice of homosexuality too.

It inhibits gay rights by endangering their lives in their own country. No one should have to fear for their lives because of their “aberrant” sexuality.

Why is it endangering their lives? They don’t have to have homosexual relations if they don’t want to, just like people who find animals attractive don’t have to enter into relations with them don’t have to if they don’t want to. Given that sodomy is one of the sins that cry out to heaven for vengeance, I’m not really so offended at this law as the perpetually offended PC brigade seem to be, here and elsewhere.

Please, please, please.
STOP comparing homosexuality with bestiality. That is beyond the pale.

First, how exactly does an animal consent to having sex with a human?

Second, you may think sex between same-genders is “sinful” because of your religious beliefs…but not everybody in the world follows the same religion or has the same beliefs that you do.

I guess these Bishops who oppose the law are part of this “PC Brigade” you speak of?


On the one hand, whether or not animals can consent seems utterly ridiculous to ask given that we hunt, slaughter, artificially inseminate, test and make pets of animals without their consent. On the other hand, animals surely can consent to sex with a human being. Ever had a dog try and hump your leg?

More arguments:

My point isn’t really that homosexuality is against my religion therefore it should be banned, but that it should be banned as long as we are going to ban bestiality.

What I personally think about this law is informed by my religion, however if the homosexualists were consistent, then I would totally approve of homosexuality, incest and bestiality being made legal. But the homosexualists aren’t consistent, because they don’t actually believe their arguments. They just want to force other people to accept their diabolical actions because they KNOW it’s wrong, but they can’t bear to be reminded of this so they have to silence opposition.

“The Catholic Church does not want homosexuals to be treated as criminals,”


I see no need for homosexuality to be a criminal offense, I believe Russia has the most appropriate laws, which simply outlaws the promotion of it.

I guess. The people in Russia have de facto criminalized it anyway.

It frustrates me when people accuse Russia of being ‘anti gay’ etc what is so unjst about their stance on homosexuality? it is not criminalized only the promotion of it is, I believe their laws on it a completely righteous and just, I believe it’s places like here in the west that go to one extreme and places like nigeria that go to the other extreme.

A classical example is when it comes to women, the west are always quick to point out the supression of women in other countries, which they are justified in doing, but they will never point out the massive exploitation and degradation of women here in the west.

Thank you for reading

I will continue the comparison. There are more points of similarity than there are of differences.

I understand where the bishop who spoke is coming from. No one has a right by law to commit any immoral act. I also get the opposing view. Legislating morality can be imprudent. Perhaps laws like this aren’t a good idea in parts of the world at this time. On the other hand, I would rather have laws prohibiting homosexuality than government promotion of homosexuality. The Gay Rights movement throughout the world has gone past acceptance and into promotion. It is this aggressiveness that has resulted in Nigeria needing a law like this to protect its citizenry. Morality is always better than immorality.

Laws do not operate “de facto”. If there is not law, there is no criminalization. “De facto” does not apply.

I’m pretty sure he means that it’s already criminalized via public responses through mass beatings of gay people.

:eek: In Russia? :confused: Beating other people isn’t a criminal offense in Russia? I’m sure it is although I am unsure where to find out.

“Mass” is a relative term. Gang violence happens everywhere. We could talk about mass beatings of whites in America and claim that the United States has made being white a virtual crime with the same amount of legitimacy. Criminal violence is not sign of tacit approval. It is criminal activity. It is not illegal to commit homosexual acts in Russia. It is illegal to promote homosexuality.

I tried looking for the outcome of some of the crimes, but the search engines fill with arrests of gay protesters and condemnation of Putin. Interesting. There is not gay agenda. There is no gay agenda. :rolleyes:

Okay, I tried a different tact and looked up arrests for neo-nazis, though this would be but a slice of news and not one popular to a gay-promoting press.

Here we see active and extreme prosecution for anti-gay assault.

Of course it’s a criminal offense. On the books, at least. But heck, if your victim was gay, no prosecutor in Russia would even think to put you on trial. I remember reading a quote from an Orthodox priest bemoaning not being able to take part in the beating of a gay man due to his role in the church.

Your link specifically mentions that he was NOT arrested for his assaults on gay men, and no charges have been brought against him as a result. He is being investigated for other, non-gay-related issues.

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