Catholic bishops see trouble in Trump-backed LGBT executive order


Washington D.C., Feb 1, 2017 / 04:16 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- The U.S. bishops are concerned by the Trump administration’s decision to maintain a “troubling” Obama-era executive order that could demand federal contractors violate their religious beliefs on marriage and gender ideology.

“In seeking to remedy instances of discrimination, it creates new forms of discrimination against people of faith. Keeping the executive order intact is not the answer,” the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops said Feb. 1.

I had hoped that President Trump’s administration would protect our religious freedom but they are choosing to maintain an executive order which President Obama issued which attacks our religious freedom so this is rather disheartening. Hopefully President Trump’s administration will change course very soon and dismantle this executive order.


This order is hardly attacking your “religious freedom.”


It’s not. This has nothing to do with gay marriage, it just says that gay people can’t be fired from jobs just for being gay. This shouldn’t be hard to accept.


I did not know that the order applies to contractors, including faith-based institutions. That is a problem that should be easily corrected.


From the article:

  Religious groups voiced concern that they could be disqualified from federal contracts if their faith forbids them to affirm same-sex unions as marriages or to pay for employees’ transgender “transition” surgeries. 


Rumor has it that the White House is actually going to be issuing another executive order which protects the Religious rights of people in non-profits, churches, etc; even if they receive federal fundings.

Also, rumor has it that it will protect federal employees who have a religious objection to do something to back out of having to perform a task they religiously object to.


I read that Trump’s decision to maintain Obama’s executive order was heavily influenced by his daughter, Ivanka Kushner, who is an Independent, and his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, who is a Democrat. Trump himself is lukewarm on gay rights; he is certainly no social conservative on this issue but neither is he a liberal activist. It simply is not a top priority for him.


He made that clear when he said same sex marriage is a settled issue.


Um, are you kidding? You want your “religious freedom” to discriminate against people to be protected by law? Have you any idea what a, well, I won’t say it, you are? You want “freedom?” Okay, you can get it. I have a friend who’s a Catholic priest. He went to a florist in his small town. The florist happened to be a fundamentalist and an anti-Catholic bigot. My friend wanted some flowers to decorate his church for the Assumption. The florist told him he would not do any business with a “papist.” Is that okay with you? Well, it’s not with me. You own a PUBLIC business, you have to prove business to the PUBLIC. My friend was in a moral quandary about what to do: you know, turn the other cheek and show humility or else react in justice. I told him this type of “religious freedom” bigotry was unacceptable in America and what if this stupid, religious idiot refused service against someone because of race based upon “religious freedom.” He thought about for a day or two and when I told him to grow a spine and support justice, I went with him back to the florist. My friend again asked for the floral arrangements and when that stupid, religious guy again refused because he wouldn’t arrange flowers for “idolatry,” I stepped in and said I’d go to the ACLU as well as government authorities and MAKE him do ti against his will regardless of what his god said or else he’d lose his business and he’d have to watch as his wife and children were thrown out on the street, homeless. He acted like a prig and said “Jesus would save him.” I contacted a civil liberties group who sent him a letter (all done within one day; thank goodness for Express) and when he saw that “Jesus” wouldn’t “save him,” he made those flowers. Now, according to his god, he’ll go to hell for making flowers for the false goddess Mary (according to his religious beliefs and “freedom”). He wad mad, angry and bitter (typical of those who say they are Christian), but he did it against his will or else he would be standing on that curb watching his business being taken away as well as his home and his spouse and children holding hands, wondering how Jesus was going to help them now since they were homeless.

the moral of the story is, you don’t have “religious freedom” to discriminate. This is America. Don’t like it? Move to ISIS. Laws protecting LGBT from public accommodation discrimination also protects you Catholics.


Your friend should have gone to a different florist. That is the most ridiculous story I’ve ever heard. There are plenty of florists who would gladly provide flowers for a priest, and there are plenty of every type of business who would gladly provide service to any gay person. The free market works much better than the fascist nightmare that you’re advocating.


1neophyte, you just don’t get it, do you? You think it’s perfectly fine to discriminate against anyone in business so long as it’s based upon religion. What you advocate is fascism. Really, how stupid are people like you? You think it’s okay that someone should discriminate against you in service, employment, housing, etc., because you’re a Catholic and all you have to do to resolve it is find someone else? You think that’s fine? I mean, really, how stupid, immoral and unethical are you? Don’t bother answering; you already did. You’re the perfect example why Catholic and erstwhile right-wing religious nutwads like you are held in complete contempt and will suffer under the law for your stupidity. Don’t whine and complain how you’re “persecuted” and how you’re such a “victim” of “discrimination” because of your, well, I won’t repeat it.


First of all, ISIS is not a place that can be moved to .

Secondly, religious freedom is in the Constitution. The right to marry someone–anyone–is not.

Third, if people are so worried, why are they silent when Muslims refuse to do these "weddings?


Side note: You can move to ISIS. While not recognized internationally, the caliphate does have land under its control. (Not that I recommend it at all.)

The Constitution use to allow slavery. Citing it against gay marriage is not effective, especially if you’re debating an atheist. (Culure in this case.)

How would you rule in the case Culure described with a Fundamentalist disriminating against a Catholic priest? The sword cuts both ways when religious objections are recognized. I may see the reasoning behind the religious freedom sales pitch, but I don’t see a practical way to keep it from legalizing discrimination, not that the current set up is 100% ideal either.

Edited to.add: Desite those doubts I still have agreement with the bishops on creating religious exemptions. I just don’t have any idea how it could be made without the potential issues,


Well, it looks like we have to do some educating here.

First, ISIS is a place. It is located in occupied land in Iraq and Syria. That’s why it’s called ISIS - the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. It spreads its influence and terrorists beyond the borders, but it is a place. Get educated.

Second, the right to marry someone is in the Constitution. It has been affirmed by the Supreme Court since 1965 and in other rulings since then. Face it, we live in a Constitutional Republic, not a “democracy” (as you rightwing nutwads pervert the meaning) where you can “vote” to deny American’s their civil and constitutional rights. Get educated. Oh, and where in the Constitution does it say that “religious freedom” allows stupid, ignorant bigots to practice discrimination? Point it out. Get educated.

As for your third argument, what? What is the basis of your totally stupid question? Care to explain, or are you too uneducated to do so?


Keep it charitable. This is your final warning. Next infraction will result in you being banned.




Sorry, trinity. But all this equally uncharitable stuff posted just get my ire going. As a cultural Catholic, who’s pro-life, I just want to get all these “Catholics” to think. Even though I’ve always been Atheist (even as a kid raised in a totally Catholic culture - I was the one kid in elementary school who asked a perfectly logical question to the goodly sister who “taught” me (and for the most part the education was outstanding), I got slapped on the face for asking it, rather than having it answered. I will always appreciate my Catholic culture; I still live it like a cultural Jew. I ask questions and I challenge, and even here I feel like I’m being slapped across the face for asking and challenging. Is there any place left for us left-wing, uber-liberal, Democratic, Atheist pro-lifers to go to to make people grip reality?


Yea I was kidding. I don’t have the power to ban. I bet people spam the report button when they see your posts):


No. This forum makes it about two issue. Abortion and gay marriage. And that should be the sole issue you vote on, regardless of how evil the pro life candidate may be


I was thinking the same thing!


Who said anything about it being based on religion? Who said I was Catholic? I assure you, it is not me who doesn’t “get it”. You are beyond delusional. Your little priest friend ended up financially supporting someone who hates Catholics, when he could have financially supported someone who…doesn’t. You want gay people to give their business to bigots who hate them. And I’m the stupid, immoral, and unethical one? You’re an embarrassment.

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