Catholic Bishops, Vatican Official: Don't Fund Abortions in Health Care

Catholic Bishops, Vatican Official: Don’t Fund Abortions in Health Care

Washington, DC – The nation’s Catholic bishops and a top pro-life official at the Vatican have the same message for President Barack Obama and Congress. They support efforts for better health care but don’t want to see legislation approved that allows abortion funding and mandates.

“We have in the past and we always must insist that health care reform excludes abortion coverage or any other provisions that threaten the sanctity of life,” Bishop Murphy wrote on behalf of his colleagues.

“No health care reform plan should compel us or others to pay for the destruction of human life, whether through government funding or mandatory coverage of abortion,” the letter continued. "Any such action would be morally wrong."This is all well and good, but it’s rather late in the game. The healthcare bill is already being pushed through.

The USCCB supports national healthcare, and its support is used by the administration to push for passage of a national healthcare bill. But the USCCB seems to be rather late to the game in stating that no healthcare bill which mandates abortion should be passed. “Any such action would be morally wrong.” They should have been outspoken about this for just as long as they have supported national healthcare. But that’s not the message that’s been getting out.

When a bill comes out of congress which includes abortion mandates, will the USCCB cave?

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