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I made a new blog called “Claves Regni Caelorum”.

Yep. Check it out.

Dear Excelsus,

If you really are just 14—and your youthful verbiage juxtaposed with your rather weighty subject matters leads me to believe that you are—, then I must confess that you are one of the most precocious youngsters I have encountered in quite awhile (which is why I shall not write down to you). That, along with your seemingly sincere interest in Catholic traditionalism of the non-schismatic stripe, is quite commendable.

Also, I envy your apparent technological prowess, which is, I guess, indicative of your generation’s interests and education. I’m no web designer, and I fear my own website is rather flat when it comes to strictly aesthetic considerations. Although it is intended as one that emphasizes information and not graphic design, having such an attractive design as does yours certainly helps in getting people to stick around long enough to read what one has to offer.

What prompted your interest in the Tridentine Mass? Are your parents trads as well? Do you belong to a trad parish? If so, is it FSSP or diocesan? Do you see yourself as possibly having a vocation with one of the traditionalist orders? Do you serve Mass? If or if not, I hope your obvious youthful zeal will continue into adulthood and that you become an inspiration for other kids as well.

I shall certainly bookmark your site and look forward to reading your input in the future.

By the way, in regard to your “About the Author” section, while you might well (most commendably!) be inspired to visit Rome one day, you do not “inspire to visit Rome one day.” Rather, you aspire to visit Rome. Please forgive me. I’ve been reading so long that proofreading comes as second nature to me. Here’s a very short article from my own website you might appreciate for future reference. If you can prevail upon someone for assistance, such as one of your parents, you might find this suggestion helpful:

I hope you continue to post here for the benefit of all. Best of fortune to you, young man!

Nice design. :slight_smile:

Dead Excelsus,

By way of afterthought, I just realized that I might have made the unwarranted assumption that you are male. The reason for such an unconscious assumption on my part is that I have encountered several trad youngsters on other religious forums and, for whatever reason, they have all been male. If you are a young lady rather than a young man, please accept my apologies for the remarks that would be moot in that event. Nevertheless, the praiseful comments that I made would, of course, equally apply.

Thanks for your commendations! Oddly enough my design was one of the regular templates you could choose. I didn’t make it myself, it came with the hosting of the site :stuck_out_tongue: I can’t take all that for myself.

I’m interested in the Tridentine Mass because Latin is such a great beautiful language and the sound of the words is what I imagine words from heaven to sound like. The depth of the celebration goes beyond any other form of celebration I have ever attended. My parents, well, my mother is a regular Catholic who normally just goes to our home parish, which is NO (although we’re going to try to hybridize it). My father is Protestant but thinking of converting. So, I was really the one who read into it and got my mother (and also father) into it. The three of us went and we all found it great. The one we went to, though, is a diocesan parish, not FSSP. I’m not sure what I am going to do with my life yet, but with a Mass like the Tridentine, I can see myself becoming a member in one of those orders more than with a regular NO one. I don’t serve Mass because my parent’s schedule is somewhat volatile, with my mother working on Sundays ( :frowning: ) but getting some of them off, so I wouldn’t be able to go a lot. I bug them to go whenever I can, though :smiley:

Thanks for the proofreading, by the way. I don’t mind it at all, I just chose the wrong word. That doesn’t happen often; I pride myself on my grammatical prowess (see? I just used a semicolon).

Thanks for the input! :slight_smile: (By the way, yes, I am indeed a man).

Tomorrow I am switching it over to a regular hosting server and going to get a domain name for it.

Dear Excelsus,

“Thanks for the proofreading, by the way. I don’t mind it at all, I just chose the wrong word. That doesn’t happen often; I pride myself on my grammatical prowess (see? I just used a semicolon)”.

And thank you for your courteous response. Also, thanks for the laugh! Semicolons are rarely used correctly, though many like to liberally sprinkle their writings with them as it makes one seem erudite.

My father had been a convert from Lutheranism. The Catholic in me came from my late mother who, sure ‘n’ enough, was Irish.

I mentioned that I have encountered some other trad youngsters on various boards and, like yourself, without exception none had trad parents. It was always on their own volition that they became interested in the Tridentine Mass and its attendant rituals and rites. One, a thirteen-year-old boy, continually got harassed in his NO parochial school for his traditionalist beliefs even though he too was not schismatic. (So much for the “Spirit of Vatican II.”) Anyway, such youthful interest in Catholic traditionalism bodes well for the future.

Thanks again, and I have, as stated, noted your website address, as I hope all have.


“Thanks for the input! :slight_smile: (By the way, yes, I am indeed a man).”

Yes, indeed you are!

Best regards,

Don Schneider

One last thing, in 76 hours or under (or so my registration service tells me) the site will become with a real domain name! :slight_smile:

All right, it’s now officially moved to the following site:

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