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Hey, so, a friend and I decided to join the Catholic blogsphere a couple of months ago. It was originally intended to cater towards mainly Facebook friends and kids from our high school, but I was wondering If I could get some feedback from you guys here at the forums. We try to post everyday, and the topics can vary pretty wildly, I am a huge fan of Tolkien and Lewis, a few of my posts are based off of them. Anyway, the link is, and any feedback/advice/corrections/help is much appreciated. Thanks everyone, and May God bless you and Mary keep you.

The blog is very deep. I love it. :slight_smile:

good job !:clapping:

I always wanted to blog but I am very hesitant to do so. Firstly I doubt I’d get many followers and I’m not very technical. Oh well, I suppose I’ll have to be a follower instead of a blogger.

I would say, go for it! We don’t have that many followers, most are my family and the others are people I know from Lifeteen. About 10-30 views a day. Still though, I will keep blogging as long as I can bring at least one person closer to Christ through it. That is all the matters to me. You also don’t have to be very technical, Google Blogger provides a free and pretty easy to use interface. God bless.

This. Not many page views on mine or many followers. But you never know when the Holy Spirit might lead someone there and use what is written. Confession is one of my favorite topics…

I’m in the process of starting my own Catholic blog as well. I will be posting my own notes about my study of the Church’s teaching and of the bible and how it relates to my life (ie. what life lessons I get out of my study), as well as a second category of blog posts on the Church’s teachings and the biblical and historical evidence for each teaching.

If you’ve got any tips, I’d like to hear them.

Good luck, keep up the good work, and God bless!

Our parish website have been trying to get someone to add a blog to it since the site was revised over a year ago. Since no one’s stepped up to have a crack at it i thought i might have a go. All your blogs look great.
This thread’s really encouraged me. Thanks awfully.

So, basic tips I can think of.

  1. Get on a regular schedule of posting. You will gain and hold readers only if you post regularly. It could be everyday, every other day, weekly, whatever! Just make sure it is regular so your readers know when to expect a post and aren’t disappointing by the lack of one. My friend Nick and I rotate posting daily. Occasionally one of us misses, but there are usually 5-6 posts per week. This might be a bit much, just find what works for you and make it constant.

  2. Read, read, read, read! My habit of reading good Catholic books has gone up to insane levels this summer. You don’t have to read all the time, but make sure you are always well educated on what you are blogging about. General rule, you should know more than the readers for the most part, or else they aren’t learning. Keeping a catechism and Bible on hand is always a good idea too.

  3. Put some time into it. Not just time for writing though. You should have time for writing set apart, but I have found that most of my favorite blog post ideas have come about when I was praying. I try to make a holy hour everyday, prayer is essential to Catholic bloggers. Also, make sure when writing to ask the Holy Spirit to work through you, He is who you want to lead your audience to.

  4. Have fun, be creative. I really enjoy writing. My friends would probably describe me as one of the weirdest people they know. Let your personality shrine through, it will give a unique perspective, make sure to have facts as well though. You are leading people to Christ, but you can indeed help them with your own personality and life.

I hope this helps in some way, may God bless you and Mary keep you. is pretty simple to use. I use it.

I like wordpress, too. They make it pretty easy to do the basics of posting stuff.

I started a blog about two weeks ago. Here is the link if you wanna look. I added yours to a list of mine maybe you can do the same. What you have here is impressive. My only criticism is the color. The blue color in the background is too bright and can be a bit distracting…I would try for a more neutral color like white, black or another color that makes your posts stand out.

And, I would try and streamline your blog header. Although it is pretty creative you can always do better.

These of course are just matters of my own personal taste.

Good luck.

Thanks! I don’t really do most of the design portion, I’ll talk to my partner in crime and see what he thinks. I made a header that I like better, it’s on our Facebook page, but I can’t quite get it to be the right size for the blog. It would replace both the current ones. Thanks for your input, I am putting together a links page and will be sure to include your blog. God bless.

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