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As part of my revision of, I want to add links to ***quality ***resources such as:
*] Catholic blogs
*]RSS feeds that list: Church calendars, daily readings, “This day in history,” “Word of the Day,” “Quotes of the day,” “Saints of the day,” etc.
*]RSS feeds for Catholic news
*]Quality web sites
[/list] Please comment in this thread with links to the resources that you use most. I’d really like to find some new material and new sites!


Catholic News Agency is a good news site that I know of for news. I don’t know many sites, so I’m curious to see what other people use often.

Here’s a good homepage that you can customize called mycatholic. It has links, newsfeeds, saint for the day, readings, etc.

Here is your opportunity to be famous…post a link to your intresting and thought provoking Catholic Blog…or maybe a Catholic blog you find interesting and thought provoking.

Here is my blog:

Another cool blog:

The Curt Jester

LA Catholic

In some posts on here I noticed people tend to frequent Catholic Blogs and often link back to them. I have begun to read Catholic blogs more and more lately and found them to be a great source of information on the Church as they contain news that sometimes isn’t reported in the mainstream.

I was just curious, what everyone’s favorite Catholic blogs are here?

Actually, yes, I like Catholic blogs as well. If you notice my past few posts have linked back to one of the ones you have listed:

As for the others you have mentioned I like those as well, especially Catholic Answer’s own, Cafeteria closed is great as well.

There are others I like, but the names escape me right now. The three you have listed actually were my favorites. You hit the nail right on the head.

Maybe some people will follow up with some other cool blogs. :thumbsup:

I blog that I frequent is It has news and writings about various events.

One I like:

Thanks Sir Catholic and frail…those look like to pretty good blogs. I’ll add it to the list of blogs that I browse.

I tend to like humorous blogs, so:

And on a serious note,

Reading The Anchoress is an every-day must read! She can be found at Amy Welborn is another great Catholic blogger, her site is Both sites have links to some great Catholic blogs.

I like Curt Jester and Catholic Caveman.

Thanks, CGVNAU!!

Does it cost bloggers extra to offer a subscribe option?
I hate finding a good blog & not seeing that little RSS button. Being able to go to Google reader and having all my faorite blogs right there makes everything a lot easier.

Does anyone have or know of a good Catholic Blog? I know of two.


Deacon Randy’s:

Any other good blogs?


This is one of my favorites, but I live near St. Louis, so that influences me. :slight_smile:

My must read is the American Papist blog

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