Catholic Book Club

Does anyone know of a monthly book club offering a variety of god Catholic books each month?.:slight_smile:

I don’t, but will keep checking back to see if anyone else does.
I am reading “Old dogs and children” right now and so far is very good. I got it at Amazon for a really good price.

I joined this:thumbsup:

Thanks Johnny!

Great Idea! Start one…?? maybe?? call it CAT CORNER and 1st book would be Mother Teresa, In the Shadow of Our Lady Author Joseph Langford, MC …

Amazing book, lets talk…after you read it …so powerful it changed my life and relationship with Mary.

P.S. if you hear of a book club, let me know it sounds fun!

We have one here at CAF: :smiley:

CA Book Club

CA Book Club - How Do I Join?

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