Catholic Book for Baptist friend needed! Calling all Former Baptists


I have a Baptist friend who is interested in the Catholic Church, largely because he doesn’t feel that the Southern Baptist Church is the right church for him. He is interested in the Catholic Church, but I don’t think he fully understands the differences in Protestant theology and the Catholic Church.

I have given him Pillar of Fire , Pillar of truth and Catholicism for dummies.

What are some other good books that would help a Baptist choose the Catholic Church?

I have Born Fundamentalist, Born again Catholic.


Where We Got the Bible Our Debt to the Catholic Church by the Right Rev. Henry G. Graham

and then buy your friend a Catholic Bible.


Hello All,

I highly recommend Catholicism and Fundamentalism by Karl Keating for your friend. Also, A Biblical Defense of Catholicism and More Biblical Evidence for Catholicism by Dave Armstrong can help too! :wink:


While I think “Catholicism and Fundamentalism” by Keating is a great book, it might not be the right apologetical source for a pre-convert. I say this simply because Keating can be a little sharp and harsh, bordering on derisiveness in his defenses. You are going to have someone reading this who still has loyalties to protestantism, and he might be sensitive to Keatings’ particular style. It’s an excellent book though, but Keating can definitely be poignant to put it mildly. I just add that as a warning because I wouldn’t want to see it backfire with your friend.

I’d get him “Rome Sweet Home” by Scott Hahn. I think you’ve given him more than enough apologetical information. What he needs now is a good conversion story from a respected and intellectual ex-Protestant. Dr. Hahn would be someone he can respect and his conversion story would be a story that your friend can currently relate to on a personal level. Anyway, that’s my 2 cents. I’ve found that book to be quintessentially instrumental in making certain Protestants (even ones not interested in converting) very interested in the Catholic faith. It’s a powerful conversion story for any Protestant to read.


Why not try “Crossing the Tiber” by Steve Ray? :slight_smile:


“By What Authority” Mark Shea

It cuts to the chase as to where we differ. If one accepts aposotlic succession, then sola Scriptura vanishes. If one accepts sola scriptura, then one has an inherently contradictory start. I suggest this book hands down.

Another good one not mentioned is “Born Fundamentalist, Born Again Catholic” by David Currie.


I was also thinking about “Catholic and Christian”


Also suggest “Mere Christianity” by C.S. Lewis. The non-Catholic Lewis does a really good job giving a really “Catholic-like” spin on things.


Lots of Baptists are confused about the Sacraments. I would give him Scott Hahn’s Swear to God.


“Hail Holy Queen” - Scott Hahn


If his interest is in history, get him a copy of “The four Witnesses” by Rod Bennett. It is an easy read and gives a great history of the beliefs of the early Church through the eyes of Clement, Iraneus, Polycarp, and Justin Martyr.


I was raised Baptist, then became a Covanenter, and Steve Rey’s book about his conversion story and also the one by Scott Hahn (Rome Sweet Rome?) were biggies for me. Also, watching EWTN, if he can get that station. It was actually Mother Angelica’s eyepatch that first got me started with the whole Catholic part of my life!!! Who could believe a nun with an eyepatch!!! I HAD to watch.

May God bless you and guide you as you help your friend.



I was raised Baptist.

If your friend is interested in conversion stories I highly recommend “Rome Sweet Home” by Scott and Kimberly Hahn. Their story is one big thing that led me to fully realize the truth of the Catholic Church.

Also, a great little pamphlet called “The Catholic Church Has the Answer” It goes through and answers many of the questions and misconceptions many protestants have about Catholicism. Written by a convert. Forget who atm.


I just (yesterday) gave a Baptist friend of mine this book He’s eating it up (I mean this metaphorically of course). :smiley:


I’ll second this one. It gives some pretty easy to understand explanations of Catholic doctrines. The thing I remember most about this book was the way it explained Marian teachings. It really help me get a good basic understanding of most of the major teachings of the Church. That was usefull as I began the conversion process from Baptist.


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