Catholic Book on Solomon's Proverbs


Can anyone recommend a Catholic based book about the Book of Proverbs in the Bible?

There are some really good Protestant books on Book of Proverbs but I don't know of any Catholic books that analyzes the Proverbs, and I don't understand why that is.


There are tons of excellent Catholic books on the Book of Proverbs.

Most of them are in Latin.

For example, St. Bede's got a wonderful book on Proverbs, but it's never been translated into English. St. Albert the Great had a wonderful book on the Valiant Woman section of Proverbs (Chapter 31), but it wasn't translated into English until this year. I'm pretty sure old Fr. Cornelius de Lapide had a volume of Proverbs commentary, but that's probably in Latin too, as I think only his Gospel commentaries have been translated into English. And so on.

I assume you want something a little more recent, though?

There's a volume of the Ignatius Study Bible that covers Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Songs. There's also four Kimberly Hahn books of Bible studies about Chapter 31. :) I don't really know about a lot of other ones.

The main thing with Proverbs is that it's not what I'd call a difficult book. Most of it is self-explanatory. The Woman can be compared with the Church, Mary, etc., but other than that part and a few others, Proverbs isn't terribly big on foreshadowing of salvation history, etc. Nevertheless, the book itself gets quoted heavily by Catholic authors through the ages, so it's not like people are ignoring it; they just read it and go on.


they just read it and go on.

You know who doesn't just read the Proverbs and go on? The Protestants. You know what U.S. states carries the weight of the conservative vote in alignment with Roman Catholic Church values in this country, Mintaka?

The Protestants.

You think about that.

You know who didn't just browse through the Proverbs and move on? Jesus Christ. He studied them in depth (Luke 2:40), I promise you.

The Catholics authors that quote Proverbs know the same in all respects.


Just click on the link below of the Aquinas Study Bible and it will provide some great Catholic resources on every book of the Bible, even Proverbs. Such as Father William Most, Haydock Bible, Challoner’s footnotes, etc. If you want an excellent source to buy then I recommend getting the Navarre Bible volume on Proverbs.


Thanks to both of you for your help with this request. Please let me know of any others.

Ok, here are the resources recapped so far below:

  1. St. Bede’s book (in Latin)
  2. St. Albert the Great (Proverbs Chapter 31)
  3. Fr. Cornelius de Lapide (in Latin)
  4. Ignatius Study Bible volume (Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Songs)
  5. Kimberly Hahn’s four (4) books of Bible study (Proverbs Chapter 31)
  6. Aquinas Study Bible (multiple sources)
  7. Navarre Bible (rated best source)
  8. Douay-Rheims Study Bible


I bought the Ignatius Study Bible on Proverbs and have been very happy with it thus far. It also has analysis on Ecclesiates and Song of Solomon.

Does anybody have any other Catholic resources concerning the Book of Proverbs?


Asking again…

Can anyone recommend Catholic based books or resources about the Book of Proverbs in the Bible?



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