Catholic book recommendations please for women whose husbands view unchaste material?

Can anyone recommend some? If there aren’t many good Catholic books on this subject, perhaps some good Christian ones that you feel would be beneficial? I’ve already read “The Good News About Sex and Marriage,” “Theology of the Body for Beginners,” “Every Heart Restored,” (that one’s Christian, not Catholic, but excellent), as well as several other general non-Catholic ones for women. Any titles you feel are worthwhile would help me personally as well as our women’s support group related to this subject here at CAF.


bmaj, has a number of resources to deal with pornography addiction for both men and women. Here’s a link to the resources for wives:

Hope this helps.


The Catechism, writings of the Saints and the Bible.

Thanks very much. It all helps a lot.

That link at the Catholic Family Life Center is EXCELLENT! I listened to the one-hour recording of the radio show that they have available there for wives who have discovered that their husbands view unchaste material, and it has a ton of useful info in it. Will be browsing through their other offerings in the next few days, but it’s already been very helpful to me. I’m sure it will also be useful for the women in our support group here at CAF who are suffering because of their husbands’ involvement with these images. (The Family Life Center link also has a lot of helpful info for men who are trying to break away from this habit.)
Thanks so much, Madamebutterfly!
(And if there are any women out there reading this who feel our support group might help them, please feel free to join “Women Suffering Because of Unchastity” under Groups above.)

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