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HI. Can you tell me some sites where i can find free Catholic ebooks?:grin:
I would appreciate if you can recomand a book about (not with) prayer.



If you join Verbum, you can receive one free eBook a month.

Other than that, I’m not sure where you can find a lot of free eBooks.

For the books that are off copyright, someone needs to take the time to “republish” them as an eBook, and not many will do that for free.

So while I know there are places out there, I don’t know a site with a ton of free eBooks.

But I will keep watching to see if anyone knows of some sites.

God bless

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BTW - did you Google “free Catholic eBooks”? Here are just a few sites I quickly found by simply Googling “free Catholic eBooks”

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well thanks, i was wandering if it is available a site with more books than this sites…


#5 has an excellent selection of ebooks.

Many parishes offer a free subscription for their parishioners, you can also sign up for a free trial.

I’ve borrowed some great Catholic ebooks and audiobooks from my public library via the Hoopla and Overdrive systems (finally made it through Augustine’s Confessions on audiobook). offers so many, from Chesterton to Robert Hugh Benson (Lord of the World is a MUST READ)



much available here. blessings~



These websites contains many old Catholic books and texts in e-book format. They also contain a slew of non-christian books so you’ll have to look through and use the search function to find something of interest to you. There is a lot there though.

Here are links to their pages:

Edit: A kind individual has brought to my attention that hosts images and texts that can be unsuitable for children. I understand. They host millions of books. It’d be a shame to disallow a valuable resource on thousands of free useful Christian books and texts though. I did not directly link to anything bad. A person can search for “catholic” or “christian” in the search bar and it should be fine. has a lot of bad stuff too and I know we can link to them. Mods, please let me know if this is really an issue and I will edit my post.

Here is a link directly to’s search of texts on Catholic Prayer:
Prayer&sin=TXT” <-- hyperlink wont work on this website because there is a space in it but that is the whole link in quotes and needs a space between Catholic and Prayer. It will take you to a general search for “Catholic” if you click as is, that is very broad though. Searching “Catholic Prayer” or copying the whole link quoted and adding the space had some good books it looked like OP. Also, specify “search text contents” for only books, manuscripts, and texts.

“Prayer and Praying Men”, “For Thise Who Seek”, and “Why Catholic Journey Through the Catcheism: Christian Prayer: Deepening My Experience With God”, all looked like good ones on with a bit of searching.



Tan Books is having a one day sale today, all of their e-books are $1. I just bought 13 books for $13, save $118. (you have to type in a coupon code, which they give on the website.)

They have multiple books on prayer, including Lord, Teach us to Pray.

I know it’s not free, but they have a bunch of amazing books that are a steal at $1.


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