Catholic Books for Youth

What are some books that a 12-year old boy might enjoy?

I would like to get the catechumen I’ve been helping to teach a small gift for Easter when he is baptized.


I suppose it might depend on his interests. I always liked something by Tolkien or Dostoevsky, but I think you’re asking for books that would be labeled explicitly Catholic. I don’t really know if I should be recommending this, but I found it vastly amusing to read all the same. Sicola, the Papal Bull: A Fantasy on the Escapades of an Itinerant Pope. It’s a novel by John A. Vitello, and is fiction, fiction, fiction. Sicola’s adventures are divided by chapter, and are intended to address changes in the way Catholics act since, well, arguably more recent changes. It’s rather hard to find in a bookstore, and you’ll probably want to read it yourself before handing it to your son, but it’s very easy to read and there is space for a good chuckle or two as long as you don’t take anything too seriously.

I really enjoyed ‘An Exorcist Tells His Story’ by Gabriele Amorth when I was his age. It teaches true Catholic teachings on a subject that is not so popular in our modern society but it is very interesting to anyone. I learned a lot about the power of prayer from this book. I loved reading it. It might sound like a strange book to read but I honestly think that he would enjoy it.

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I was told “Angels of Iron” was a suitable book for “any catholic boy over 11”.

shudder Fine, Catholic book, sure but…the violence…The carnage…

If he’s all into war and stuff, it’ll be great. Otherwise, I think his stomache will be a bit too weak for it.

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