Catholic books in Spanish

What’s the best place to order Catholic books in Spanish? It’s been hard to find them.

The same as the best place to order any Catholic books: :slight_smile:

Okay, I’ll be serious. :o

Catholic books in Spanish are kind of hit-or-miss at this point, but most of the publishers are waking up to this great area of need. I know the USCCB is getting pretty good about publishing all their materials in both languages (they have the whole Catálogo in Spanish. Probably the most helpful book in this regard would be the U.S Catholic Catechism for Adults (AKA Catecismo Católico de los Estados Unidos para los Adultos)

Ignatius Press is a great Catholic publisher, but I think the only book they publish in Spanish is Scott and Kimberly Hahn’s conversion story: El Regreso a Casa El Regreso a Roma. It’s a great book, though, so it’s good to see at least that one in Spanish.

The Apostolate for Family Consecration also has their Family Catechism available in Spanish. The entire contents of the book are also available in a great user-friendly website:

I’m not that familiar with Spanish language stuff, though. I wish I could give you more to go on. I do get the sense that most Catholic publishers are seeking to meet this need in the near future, which is encouraging even if a bit late in the game.

Thanks. We really need another one.

try the publishers of religion textbooks, most of whom now have bilingual and Spanish language editions not only for children but for teens, adults, RCIA, bible studies, catechist formation, and spirituality. Some publishers with fairly good selections of books, trade as well as texts, and also pamphlets are Liguori, St. Anthony Messenger Press, Loyola Press, RCL-Benziger, and Sadlier, Paulist Press some selections, Our Sunday Visitor has many offerings in Spanish. Along with their textbooks series, many of these publishers offer related books and resources such as bibles, catechism guides and the like. sadly like most “Catholic” publishers today many of these have questionable titles and authors in their lists, along with some very reliable and outstanding ones, so the wise purchaser is discerning.

Ediciones Paulinas.

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