Catholic books on dealing with discouragement?


Do any of you have any Catholic book recommendations, for when one is feeling anxious or discouraged over something? I have read a few of CS Lewis’ books, and Mother Teresa’s Dark Night of the Soul…maybe I should revisit that one. :o

I look forward to your replies.

Freedom from Fear - Overcoming Anxiety through Faith by Marci Alborghetti

If I recall correctly, Bishop Fulton Sheen - Lift Up Your Heart - addresses anxiety at some points in the book.

I just finished reading Dark Night of the Soul by Gerald May. I wasn’t crazy about it, but he did present an interesting perspective.

I like parts of Divine Mercy in My Soul by St Faustina… sorry I don’t really know any other ones

but it’s available online:

God bless

Personally, I feel that the Book of Psalms in the Holy Bible offers a great deal of consolation. Other books, even on the saints will refer often to their use of Sacred Scripture for comfort.

It’s worth a try! :wink:

thanks everyone–good suggestions!

I can read this entire book online? (or purchase it online?) :blush:

Arise from Darkness-
Father Benedict Groschel

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