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Hi everyone,
I was wondering if anyone knew of any Catholic websites, groups or organizations in which the members exchange their Catholic books and other Catholic literature like booklets, pamphlets, holy cards and so on with one another?

In being a low-income person on a tight budget it surprises me that to my knowledge I have not seen a Catholic organization that does this or at least an online group.

I am looking to get a nice RSV-CE bible, but, financially cannot afford to do so at the moment. I have purchased and own several bible versions (NAB, NIV, KJV), as well as other literature that I am willing to exchange.

Any information on this would be appreciated greatly.

God bless all,


How about your local library.

I appreciate your suggestion. Unfortunately the local library leaves much to be desired and I believe they have not updated their collection of books since the 1950’s lol.

The library here is in a very sad state. I have already looked for Rsv-ce bibles or at least a Douay-Rheims, but, they don’t carry it or the bibles they do have are vandalized with pages missing.

I hope to one day find a Catholic organization that helps the poor be able to obtain Catholic literature through an exchange or at least at very low prices.

Sigh… oh well, I will just keep praying that the Lord bring to me an “RSV-CE” bible soon.

God bless,


Try a used book store you can catholic bibles, cathechism and other books really cheap.


I am in the same boat as you. Poor and needy. I have found the best thing is to find and read the books online.

 I am having a very hard time posting here (time outs) so if you get this it will be a miracle. Just write me at me regular e-mail address and I will guide you to my favorite web sites for on line books.


TAB books are really cheap; they are re-publishing many old and new traditional Catholic books. Some are as low at $1.50 each. They give discounts to large orders…BIG discounts, so see if you can go with someone else to start a buying club or start a parish library.

Meanwhile, the internet does have some good sites for downloading Catholic literature. I searched under ‘apologetics’, ‘roman catholicism’ and if all else fails you might input 'Liberalism is a Sin" (a book title) and that should get you to the website I downloaded it from which had much material for free.

Good luck…things aren’t getting any cheaper.

[quote=Maryam][snip]Hi everyone . . . .
I am looking to get a nice RSV-CE bible, but, financially cannot afford to do so at the moment.

If you can email me I might be able to help.

I am happy to announce that a kind soul in this forum… WHO KNOWS WHO THEY ARE… :smiley: , but, I will respect their privacy. Helped me to obtain an RSV-CE Bible… so, praise to God for their kindness.

I am sorry if I took a long time to respond to this thread… as other threads get so many responses I can’t keep track of my own thread. LOL

Sorry again… God bless all

kappydell… Thanks for the heads up on TAN Books and of trying to find someone to start a Parish Library… now, this is something I will talk to my priest about.

I will look into that title you mentioned and see what comes up… thanks…

Thanks Maccabees on the used bookstores idea… In the past I have used (I think that is the correct url) and have gotten books cheap that way… but, finances are not too good now… Hopefully in the future it will improve.

Oppps… I hit send button before I could thank you “Romano” for your offer to help. As you can read, someone helped me get the bible. Thanks again.

God bless all

Also, Maryam, try ebay and!


Maryam -

  1. Check with your local library and see if they are on some sort of state-wide or other consortium with libraries that allow inter-library loans. Ask the reference librarian.

  2. Find a website that has book recommendations such as here

  3. Print off the list and see if you can find them/request them on your local library’s computer.


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