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I am looking for some books whether it be on Saints, faith, love, etc. Something easier to read. My sister seems to be going through a tough time with her faith and asking questions and branching away. I asked her though is she trying to put herself more into her faith instead of reading things that all reject her from her faith? We both read Soul Cravings awhile back and both enjoyed it, even though the author was not Catholic. There were many good points, it gave us questions and things to think about. Thank you.

“Mother Angelica’s Answers, Not Promises” by (who else?) Mother Angelica, the founder of EWTN! :thumbsup:

Anything written by Scott Hahn is pretty easy to read.

Josefa Menedez always inspired me.

“Surprised by Truth” Patrick Madrid is very good

“Map of Life” by Frank Sheed, is a little deeper theology

Fr. Joseph Grizzone

He wrote the Joshua series which I didn’t like much but I really enjoyed Portrait of Jesus and I am currently reading My Struggle with Faith.

He is more liberal then most of the posters here but from what I am reading into your post this author could help your sister.

Go for the books written by G.K. Chesterton. :slight_smile:

I liked “Catholicism, A Journey to the Heart of the Faith”, by Robert Barron. This was a popular and recent book and is available at the library.

While Chesterton was an inspiration for many, I found Orthodoxy to be almost unreadable.

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