Catholic bracelets

Hi so I just have a question! So my friend went to Mexico to visit family and I have a red bracelet with the saint Benedict charm and the looking eye bead. I asked her to get me more because if this one breaks I’ll be upset, so she returns with ten of them but some of them are plain no charm or beads so I asked her if they where blessed and she said yes because she bought them in the church. So is this true or should I go get them blessed?

Buying something “in the church” (not sure what she means by this) does not automatically confer a blessing on it. A bishop, priest or deacon had to have blessed the article in order for it to be blessed.


Typically devotional items like this are NOT blessed.

Just take the bracelet to Mass and see the priest afterwards for a blessing.

Our father among the saints, Benedict of Nurcia, pray for us,
Deacon Christopher


There is literally no way anyone here can know the answer to this question.

So, if you have doubts, ask your priest to bless the bracelet.

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