catholic burial

What’s the catholic burial stuff? This is the first I’ve heard of it and I’ve been catholic fofr several years now. Is it something required?

No, it is not required.

What is “burial stuff?”

Let me rephrase. What is a catholic burial?

You aren’t required to be buried in a Catholic cemetery but according to canon 1240§2 the individual grave should be blessed if the grave is not in a Catholic cemetery or in a section of a public cemetery that has been blessed. In other words we are supposed to be buried in hallowed ground.

I would presure this either refers to the entire funeral rite or the portion of the rite that takes place by the graveside.

Ok I’m a middle aged man of 43. I’m not expecting to keel over anytime. But many of us aren’t when we do. How do we prepare for this. I want to go through all the rites but I don’t want to be buried in a catholic cemetery.

I’m not much behind you and I’m hoping to be kicking around for another 40 years. :smiley:

If you have a Catholic funeral (either inside or outside of Mass) one of the last rites in the funeral is the Rite of Committal. After the minister and those that have gone to the grave arrive the minister would say the prayer over the place of committal. I don’t have the prayer handy, but the prayer over an unblessed grave asks God to bless the grave and to send his angels to watch over it so that the person placed in the grave may rest in peace.

As long as you have a Catholic funeral there shouldn’t be a worry. The priest should bless the grave if the cemetery or section hasn’t already been blessed. The key is just to make sure your loved ones know that you want a Catholic funeral.

Talk to your priest.

Why not?

Yes. It’s a requirement that you are dead.

I was reading this while eating lunch at my desk and literally laughed out loud with the food in my mouth. Hahaha! :thumbsup:

On a more serious note…I have never been to a Catholic funeral. Most of my relatives are protestant. How are the 2 different?

The significant difference is that most Catholic funerals, at least in the US, take place in a church in the context of a Mass with some additional rites such as greeting and blessing the casket or the cremains. Quite often the celebrant then accompanies the deceased to the burial place for additional prayers.

It also depends if you prefer the Extraordinary Form or the Novus Ordo. The burial service/Mass are VERY different between the two. If you want the EF you need to make sure that you place this information in your will, tell your kids, friends, priest, etc. so that when you time comes, at least someone will be able to convey your wishes.

I need to invite myself to some funerals to see which one I want…though being in my early 30’s, I suspect I have some time to go…:stuck_out_tongue:

One big difference is that Protestants believe at the moment of death the soul instantly goes to heaven or hell. They would not dream of praying for the soul of the departed. By them everything is fixed.

The music at a Catholic funeral is different form a Protestant funeral as well. We sing hymns while fundamentalists usually have soloists or quartets while the congregation remains silent. At my mom’s funeral which as Catholic I was not allowed to plan they only had taped music…

If I may ask, why were you not allowed to plan it?

Although catholic I’ve been to more Protestant funerals than Catholic ones. Often, the music played isn’t religious or sacred it’s often popular music.

Classic Thistle.

To whom do I write to have this post nominated for selection as 2013 post of the year? :smiley:


Because I had been rejected by my mother for converting to the Orthodox Catholic church. The rest of the family remains fundamental Protestants and these at least hate the Catholic church.

There was a distant aunt that converted to Catholicism, and mom told me that at her funeral the priest said he “was praying her out of purgatory”. According to this tale of lies, he would disappear at times and come back more intoxicated each time.

That kind of prejudiced non-sense is very popular with a few Southern Fundamentalists. It is on the same lines as marrying a woman of A DIFFERENT Race, or registering Democrat.

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