Catholic Campaign for Human Development gives $7.3 Million to ACORN

Maybe this doesn’t belong in the Non-Catholic forums but this is a news story about some political involvement on behalf of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops that could jeapordize the church’s tax-exempt status.

Now I have seen some opinion that the churches should be able to freely express their political opinions and the threat of withholding their tax-exempt status is just political thuggery. Whether I believe it or not doesn’t change what we got in the US political system.

Still, the bigger question on the boundary of church and politics is up for grabs.

It looks to me that the UCCB was just duped by ACORN.

It upsets me when any organization gives money to another organization.
It is a sign to me, that just maybe, they have more money than they know need for their mission.

You’re probably right now that I think about it. What’s the point in outsourcing your good intentions? If UCCB wants to support the community in some way, let them do the work through their own priesthood and layity. If neither support it, they shouldn’t be giving away the alms collected from the people to causes they don’t support.

The Usccb gave them money for causes other than election purposes… because they used to do some really important social benefit work… I cannot fault the bishops for that. However, I do think they may have been duped if they had released instead of frozen the money this year.

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