Catholic Care Home in Belgium Finded for Refusing Euthanasia


After a Catholic nursing home refused to allow a patient have herself killed, a court punished it for this refusal. The Catholic Church there has said they will never allow euthanasia to occur in any circumstances. This court decision could mean the closing of Catholic nursing and other care homes in that country. The patient had herself taken elsewhere, where she was killed.


Belgium let the nazis into their country, no doubt about it .


How terrible that the Catholic homes will be forced to have euthanasia or be fined, eventually forcing them to go out of business.

Praying for the world to come to its senses.


And they’re from charitable organizations, too! Piety is becoming frowned upon these days, apparently.


So what about people who don’t want to be cared for in a place that considers killing to be medical care? They should have some rights also. I suppose saving money by killing fragile people comes first.


Well imo, it would be better for them to close down rather than give in and obey. That would definitely be cooperation with evil for them to obey that law. When people are put into situations like that, God is watching.


Maybe all persons entering the care home should sign an agreement acknowledging that while the home will provide nursing care, it will not kill anyone.

The fact that such an agreement should even be necessary is a reflection of the insanity of the society in which we live.


Coming soon to a country near you. I’m guessing in Europe this is probably the norm in several countries and will likely spread to other countries there soon. This could be coming soon to the US too depending on the outcome of the presidential election. The ACLU is already suing Catholic hospitals in the US to force them to perform abortions; forced euthanasia will directly follow.

Catholic institutions that operate independently of the Church, especially hospitals and other care facilities, will have to come to terms with the fact that the western world is becoming increasingly hostile toward them and will have essentially two choices, either comply with these directives from secular governments, or shut down. Catholic institutions will be forced out of existence one by one. It might take decades or longer, but it seems almost inevitable at this point.


This is coming to America soon too. “Rationed Care” is already written into Obamacare.

Add in a fairly Godless population and high cost of care, many families and patients will choose this rather than the inheritance going to the nursing home. So sad we have lost respect for human life.


We must stand up for what we believe in and fast and pray.


agreed. If we will turn our faces to God with prayer and supplication, repent of these evils and beg for mercy, God will hear us. Evangelize your families, your friends and everyone you meet. Be like Abraham, begging God to spare us for the sake of a few faithful/righteous people. The slippery slope is getting steeper. Hold fast to your faith and share it as often as you speak/act. That is our hope.




Thank you for this! Amen.


Hitler didn’t like the Catholics for similar reasons. Not sure why the parallels are ignored.


I agree, this or something like it will eventually come here, and I bet there will be opposing views on it, in order to muddy the waters, make it tougher for people to really see whats going on. Im also betting there will be some kind of justification as to why christians should just sit back and accept it.

When it comes down to it, people are not going to get off the ‘fence’ if they do not have to, if they can come up with even the most remotely plausible reason why modern day christians should accept this, they will jump on that in a heartbeat, versus actually following Gods law and not having a comfortable secular life.

Too many christians today that I personally know, are overly concerned with having the best of both worlds, they want to be known as ‘good christian people’ but they also want to be good, successful model secular citizens, when things come up that put that in jeopardy, they will do anything they can to keep riding the fence.


I just remembered, too, that the Church and its subsidiaries, typically run by clergy anyhow, were the first modernized hospitals in the post-Roman Western world (the true first were also religious institutions: ancient Greek temples to Hermes served as medical care centers).

So they really are trying to separate care from its godly roots. :frowning:


Thank you very much, Sherry. May God bless you abundantly.


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