Catholic challenge!

Anyone ever see the Neale Donald walsch video? its called,
Neale Donald Walsch - Catholic religion and spiritual dogma.
He was a Catholic.Its very amusing also!

My server blocks You Tube. Can you tell us a bit of what this former Catholic has to say in the video?

Sorry that you can not get youtube but If I’ll tell you some because I dont want to ruin it for others.

He basically speaks of What he was taught growing up and the questions he had as a young catholic boy after he ate a McDonald’s burger and fries on Friday! He wanted to know if he was going to hell.

Its a great little video with some serious questions we must ask ourselves,catholic or any other religion. He mixes it with great humor!

Isn’t he the one who wrote the much frowned upon series of books called, “A Conversation With God” ,or something along those lines?

Yeah yeah thats him but people frown upon anything thats not up to their liking.

But did you see the video?? Its hilarious!!!

Thanks, but I’d rather watch Bishop Sheen on EWTN orread or listen to what he had to say. Sorry…

why? its nothing bad, its just funny as heck!!are you afraid you might think hes right???hmmm… come on Im just joking. you dont have to watch it but its funny as all get out!!!

Not even close…but I have limited time.

Being a faithful Catholic is quite enough challenge without that…:shrug:


For the rest of the Catholics out here who are not worried about being offended by a former catholics humorous views on being a catholic enjoy! Laugh!

Why? If he’s a former Catholic making jokes about Catholicism, it stands to reason that they are, at best, in bad taste – and, at worst, downright insulting.

Why would we seek that kind of humor?


Hs not making jokes but he put a nice humorous twist on his experiences as a catholic child. He speaks on a topic where he asked his priest if a 2 hour old baby who comes into this world and then passes away would he go to heaven.
He speaks on The Love of God and our relationship with God. Hes not doing a stand up cracking on Catholics.

because its funny!
You know,at first I didn’tunderstand why former catholics were always popping wise cracks atthe former faith but NOW I SEE WHY!!! They are right, some catholics are so headstrong about their faith that they feel that they are the only ones going to heaven,not saying all but from what they tell me, a majority feels that way.
Just forget the link! report the post if you feel offended by this! But come on now, if you didn;t want to see it why post a reponse to the post?? You should ve just left the topic alone instead you want to stand up and defend something doesn’t need defending,especially the glorious catholic faith. Geez!! Im outta here.


Thanks. If I remember I will try to catch it on my laptop at home. I’ve never heard of the guy, so I have no idea what kind of humor he has. As a child I also had a lot of questions about the faith and I ended up leaving when I didn’t like the answers I got. Of course, the difference is that I came back when I realized I was wrong. Anyway, maybe I’ll give it a listen later.


It is unfortunate but most former Catholics tend to be very offensive about the Catholic faith. Which is why most Catholics on here do not want to watch a former Catholic poke fun of their faith. To them it’s the same as poking fun of God.

I will watch it later and give you my opinion of it.

I watched the video; it was not funny or offensive. Neale Donald Walsch does not understand that the Church does not teach limbo, it is only a hypothesis. It is sad that there are people who give talks to people condemning what the Church does not teach, but saying that the Church does teach it. Walsch’s argument was against a doctrine that is not there.

What serious questions? Walsch has some serious misunderstandings of Catholic dogma.

I do not know why this thread is called “Catholic challenge!!!” There is no “challenge” here.

For some good information on limbo, go to this site:

I watched the video and even though I do not agree with everything Walsch said, it did make me chuckle a little. I think we can have a sense of humor and not get all bent of shape on others views and experiences as long as they are not meanspirited about it.

I think Walsch was sincere in his reminicences of his childhood, though he did have some misconceptions of Church teaching, I don’t it’s entirely his fault. He was just repeating what he was actually taught and I believe many people have similar experieneces. Limbo may not have been an official dogma but it was taught to children almost as if it were. It’s when people decide to dig a little deeper into their faith that they begin to understand the meaning behind the teachings of the Church rather than just blindly parroting what they have been taught and not letting it really sink in.

In my case case I did not go to a formal CCD class, though I was baptized as an infant and raised at least nominally Catholic. But at fairly young age I became interested in learning more about the faith on my own and began reading up on it as much as could and gained a deeper understanding of the faith. Eventually I went through RCIA and made my first Holy Communion and Confirmation at the age of 19. But that’s another story.

Yep, I agree with your assessment of him. He clearly does not understand the difference between discipline and doctrine. He wasn’t bad but I would not say that he was hilarious either.

For my part I did actually go though First Communion at the standard age but that was the only form of catechis that I received while growing up. It wasn’t until I felt called to be Confirmed at the age of 23 that I started to dig into Church teaching and to actually learn what and why the Church taught what it did.

This is from the Balitmore Catechism. This is the Catechism that was traditionally used in America at that time:

Q. 632. Where will persons go who – such as infants – have not committed actual sin and who, through no fault of theirs, die without baptism?

A. Persons, such as infants, who have not committed actual sin and who, through no fault of theirs, die without baptism, cannot enter heaven; but it is the **common belief **they will go to some place similar to Limbo, where they will be free from suffering, though deprived of the happiness of heaven.

Note it says common belief. Not everyone believed in limbo. Also note that no where in there does it say that we are required to believe in limbo. The fact is we simply do not know what really happens to the souls of those infants when they die. We must trust in the mercy of the Lord.

I’m no prude by any means, as I’m guilty of appreciating Family Guy and Simpsons humor even though I cringe when they joke about Catholicism, but that video clip was not funny at all for me.

  1. Looking at the other videos of him listed to the right I saw immediately that this is a holistic believer who once was Catholic. This meant that anything coming out of his mouth in an attempt at humor through Catholic examples was going to be spun in a negative light. That’s exactly what happened.

  2. Looking at the stage and the audience, given #1, it was obvious they, too, would have been either non-Catholics or Catholics who have rejected Catholicism and so his humor would be targeted toward anything they might deem funny. A Catholic would not see the humor. I was right.

As a Catholic what he said was true. There’s nothing funny about it. The kid ate meat on a friday when he shouldn’t have, went home, mom said God would understand, he knew he’d need to go to confession and all would be well…but the punchline there was “God doesn’t give a damn”. God and "damn’ uttered by an ex-Catholic as humor as a means to get others to also view Catholicism as ‘ridiculous’ and thus turn away from it is not funny.

Purgatory and Limbo were true statements. The infant’s innocence was not complete due to original sin. That’s just the way it is. God didn’t change his mind about the need to purify ones’ soul through baptism or about eating meat on Friday. The Church recognized meat abstinence was not the only way to remind the faithful to remember the Lord on Fridays, and she recognized God’s unfathomable mercy and thus put an end to the limbo theory (which, by the way, was never official doctrine). Granted, the guy at age 11-13 didn’t know this, but the guy with the white hair delivering the lines **should **know this by now and thus realize it was his own youthful naivety which rendered the memory as funny. It wasn’t funny because the Church was ridiculous in her teaching. It was funny because the kid was a kid.

Family Guy and the Simpsons are shows which find the humor in a wide variety of human ways of looking at life. Nothing is sacred or taboo with them. They are cartoons first and foremost so no one is looking to the shows to speak any real Truth.

This guy makes a living off leading people not only away from Catholicism but away from Christianity (if he’s holistic it’s more a universal view/approach to man’s existence), and he does so by mocking Christianity, here specifically, the Catholic church. Not funny.

What a crock. This is irrelevant AND unsubstantiated. When did I say ANYTHING about ANYONE going or not going to heaven? Furthermore, if you’re going to make a broad generalization about Catholics, please back them up with reliable sources. Unsubstantiated claims do not make it true.

Just forget the link! report the post if you feel offended by this! But come on now, if you didn;t want to see it why post a reponse to the post?? You should ve just left the topic alone instead you want to stand up and defend something doesn’t need defending,especially the glorious catholic faith. Geez!! Im outta here.

Dude, relax!

You made it sound like the guy in the video was mocking Catholicism, and that it was really funny because he’s an ex-Catholic. I merely asked why on earth that would be funny to a current Catholic. I never said I was offended, only that I would expect such humor to be offensive.

And since when does the Catholic faith not need defending? And why mock it with an ironic use of the word glorious?

And, honestly, what was your purpose in posting the link, if this comedian is a former Catholic? Surely your goal wasn’t to reinforce our faith.


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