Catholic Charismatic Group.


Here one Catholic Charismatic group work in Christians and Non-Christians. They heal the lot of people. And in this way non-Christians better understand the Christianity. Because where we are live it’s a under the non-Christian Majority. But this group bravely prove the power of Jesus Christ in Non-Christian people. The group is very strong in faith.
No any organization or church support them. The group manage all the expenditure with there pocket and they all are local people. So this is the passion of their lives. I am also join this group recently and now I am member of this group. I apologize to you all that keep them in us in yours prayers and Rosary.
You can say the names in your prayers below:
Mr. & Mrs. Michael John.
Mr. & Mrs. Yousif Masih.
Mr. & Mrs. Younis Masih.
Mr. & Mrs. Shamshare Gill
Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Gill
Mr. & Mrs. Nadeem Feroze
Mr. Naveed.
Mr. Qayum Gill


In my prayers and may God bless what you do in His name :slight_smile:


We will remember them and you :thumbsup:



Absolutely I’ll be praying for them! Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

in Christ


Can we pray on a thread?

Dear Jesus,

I thank you for reaching out to “InJesusChrist” and I ask that you richly bless, lead and direct the ministry that all of the above are involved in. It is a great thing to come to know your love in our hearts and to share it with others, especially those who don’t know your love.

I pray this in the name of Jesus, The Father The Son and The Holy Spirit.


God Bless you all!



Dear McKevin,
Thanks a lot for yours prayers and warm wishes.
Yes you can pray for us on a thread.
Thanks again.
By the way i am not a Jesus. My name is Deem.


heheh Deem you’re so cute :slight_smile: McKevin was praying TO Jesus, not calling you Jesus :slight_smile: yea i know what it means when english is not your first language :smiley:

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