Catholic Charities has a ego...

…at least according to some.

Someone recently argued that when Catholic Charities of Massachusetts and Illinois closed their adoption services rather than comply with state laws demanding they place children with gay couples, that these organizations were acting selfishly and egotistically. Obviously this isn’t true, but how would we counter it? I can certainly understand how it looks that way even though it isn’t.

Because… Catholic Charities thinks it’s wrong for a child to be raised by a couple that rejects the fundamental notion of what Catholics believe a family is?

I don’t see the issue.

Quite honestly I think this should be used against those who think Catholic Charities don’t (try to) act in accordance with Catholic teaching. There have been threads about that, believe it or not.

Anyway, it goes to show how much Catholics care about their faith and believe that they shouldn’t be forced to sin. If trying to do what is right is “selfish”, then I guess Catholic Charities is “selfish”.

I suggest you adopt the tag line from the Hebrew National ads:

We Answer to a Higher Authority

My counter is :

“Let me get this straight. You’re so highly committed to ‘tolerance and diversity’ that you’re willing to demand that these agencies violate their own beliefs and conform to yours or be forced to close their doors. Do I have that right??? Wouldn’t a policy of tolerance and diversity be one in which the state would allow religious organizations to operate according to their OWN beliefs and principles? Wouldn’t an even-handed application of this policy simply mean that Catholic Charities would be allowed to operate on their own criteria and LGBT folk would be permitted establish and operate their OWN adoption agencies? Isn’t this forcible compliance mandate just tyranny with a veneer of tolerance on top?”

The Soviets used to like to call themselves the “worker’s paradise.” They figured if they repeated the lie often enough, it would be true. Today’s champions of “tolerance” are taking exactly the same approach.

I agree, better to close the doors and offer nothing to orphaned children, then having to maybe place some with “gay people”.

I have always liked this tagline. Plus their hot dogs are ridiculously good. :thumbsup:

I think manualman’s response is spot on. Catholic Charities was doing their best to place children in homes where they would be raised well. It is ridiculous to think they would not, as a religious organization, do this according to the precepts of their religion. We still have in this country (at least a pretense of) being able to practice our religion, or not practice a religion, as we see fit.

serving God > serving self = not selfish

You can’t do evil with the hope that good might come of it. That’s the recipe for every moral slide into disaster ever. Catholic Charities didn’t close their door voluntarily. The government slammed it in our faces. Be clear on the aggressor here.

I’m assuming you are being sarcastic, but your’s is the reasoning of the hostage taker who tells police that it’s THEIR fault if the deadline for the ransom passes and hostages are killed. Um, no.

To play Devil’s Advocate: “Why couldn’t Catholic Charities simply learn to just suck it up and stay in business for the kids?”

Also: “The government DID NOT close their doors; Catholic Charities willfully closed their own doors. We didn’t do it!”

Tell them that the Bible clearly says that at the beginning it was Adam & Eve! NOT Adam & Dave or Eve & Brenda.
Two same sex person can’t have babies can they? So why would they want any law to allow them to adopt or use FIV ? They’re just being selfish! A child needs a mum & dad! No exception!

A child needs a mum & dad! No exception!

yes “mum and dad” or nothing, not even a Catholic charity to help them.

This is more than a little ridiculous. Your profile says Catholic. Are you aware that Catholic teaching says that the best place to raise a child is in a home with a mother and father? Not to mention the studies done outside of the Church that suggest the same thing?

Of course, shame on Catholic Charities for wanting to provide a good home for children in need according to the dictates of their well-formed consciences, formed in accordance with our Church. :rolleyes:

yes “mum and dad” or nothing, not even a Catholic charity to help them.

What’s your point?

Catholic Charities had no choice. They were simply following Catholic moral principles.

Well, they did have a choice. They could reject Catholicism, or they could close up shop. In order to remain Catholic, they had to close up shop.

Read the catechism in sections 2357 and 2359. Look at the latest research. Read our Lord’s words in Matthew 18:6 and Mark 9:41 when He said “And if anyone hurts the conscience of one of these little ones, that believe in me, he had better have been cast into the sea, with a millstone about his neck.”

Turn off the media and turn on the truth.

Please re-read the forum rules to which you agreed.

i guess im posting my opinion a little to strongly, for that im sorry.

the church has every right to close their doors on orphaned children.

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