Catholic charities' Obamacare challenge denied; they must certify they're not offering contraception

LANSING – A federal appeals court has denied the Michigan Catholic Conference’s request for a preliminary injunction to exempt Catholic charities from the contraception mandate of the Affordable Care Act.

The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals issued a decision Wednesday afternoon in a case brought by Michigan-based Catholic charities and a separate case brought in Nashville, Tenn., over the same issue.

The groups are eligible for “accommodations” or exemptions from the requirement, according to the court, but are required to certify to the company overseeing their insurance policies that they are declining to offer contraception for religious reasons.

Where has my America gone? I cannot believe how hard the Obama Administration is coming down on religious entities and institutions is this land regarding the “rights” that got invented by the Court regarding Roe v Wade. It is beginning to look a tad bit retaliatory if you ask me. When will it stop and how far will they go in forcing the issue upon us? Why are their rights to kill children and use artificial means of regulating births and permanently alter their child bearing abilities more important than our right to practice our religion freely and unencumbered by government interventions? When will they begin to see they are in fact, favoring a minority over the majority? I was taught that minority rule in a democracy spelled the fall of that democracy and that is why majority rule was so integral to the democratic process. Oh well.


I’m confused. They can’t be exempt but they can apply to be exempt? What does that even mean?

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