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Hello all,

I’m Seminarian MJC and I have been on Catholic Forums off and on for a few years now. I have decided to return to the forums because I found them so fun and informative in the past. I am currenty in my third year of seminary formation with a total of eight years. It is going very quickly, I cannot believe my seminary time is almost half completed… It is indeed a glorious journey…

I have seen posts in the past of people looking for Catholic chatrooms online. I wanted to post some links to some of the ones I use which are very good. A couple of these rooms I have been chatting in for years… Even before seminary…

So, if your looking for an online Catholic chat community, here are some of the best ones…

Buzzen has two Catholic chat rooms… One is called Catholic Buddies and the other one is called CatholicChat II…

copy and paste the link above into your search browser… once you get on the page, on the left panel, you will see “join a chatroom” click on it… Once you click on it, that same panel will have topic options, choose religion . Once you choose religion, the two chats above will appear… click on them… the screen will ask you to make a guest name and then your in… if you like it, you can register for free… or just come back as a guest anytime you want…

The other catholic chat room which is a monitored room and is very popular, is called

Copy and paste the link above into your search browser. Once you get on the page, you will see a welcome page. On the top left is a “chat” link… click on it. That will bring you to the
chat room news and guide page… scroll down (or read it if you like) and click on the “I agree” button. that will bring you to another page Catholic chat . scroll down and you will be able to create a screen name with your first name and your location… YOU MUST WRITE A REAL NAME AND A REAL LOCATION or they will boot you out quickly. For example if your name is ruth, and you are from Mexico, you put Ruth(Mexico) or if you are Fred from Florida you put Fred(FL)… This is a popular chat room and a great place to meet fellow catholics from all over the world.

The next chat room is also a very nice and popular room…

Once you copy and paste the above link into your search browser, a picture and song will appear on the page. Scroll down and click on the Enter Catholic chat button in the middle of the page. You will be brought to a screen with the acceptance button on the top, click on it. On the next page, scroll down and a chat name box will appear just like the other chat room… make a name just like for ECatholic… but this time you can specify by country, not by state for example I know a Brian who chats in there and he is from Ireland Brian(Ireland) etc…

I hope you will join us in the chat rooms… Tell them that the seminarian sent you!

God Bless!

oh no i thought there was a chat room in here…awesome…all for nothings 20 minutes logging

Hey, has a chatroom. You have to login and then post in a topic in order to chat in it. There are some cool people who are there. Plus some cool Catholic Hip-Hop if you like that kind of stuff. I do. :slight_smile: God Bless.

Why is so much corruption and homosexuality in the catholic church?

I am a serious catholic and a mystic. I have had many visions, interceded with God for miracles at least three first degree and many second degree. In many of my visions I was allowed to see the torments of the damned in hell and believe that I should record them in a book. What I am wondering is why people assume your bragging if you tell them these things happen. Is it bragging to say I said the rosary last night. I think it should depend on why you said the rosary and why you are telling them. There may be a good reason.

I think that petty jealousy about something that is natural perhaps unusual but a part of our church history still goes on in the sanctification of an individual person. I think we have entered an era where keeping this to yourself is no longer worthwhile because there is no time to play games.

I believe that sooner then we would like the last great battle between us and principalities and powers will be upon us and knowing that we have warriors who still enjoy the personal closeness with God should give us confidence in our hoped for victory.

If nothing else it seems we may soon be involved in seeing the church split in two between militant modernists and conservative faithful catholic people who would not accept giving sinner holy communion while they live in sin or allowing the church to recognize same sex marriage as an acceptable relationship. I hope the church and the everyday people don`t suffer to much due to the shame of what many church leaders are putting us through. I know that in the end there will always be a true church that keeps all the dogma and law and sacramental life faithfully.

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