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I was checking out EWTN’s weekday programming for children and was kind of stunned that they use the Mormon “Animated Stories of the New Testament”.

I’m still trying to decide how I feel about this as a former Mormon and now devout Catholic.

Any former LDS people here with the same reaction?


Hmm…that is a little surprising. As long as it focuses on biblical truths and does not detract from the faith, there isn’t anything wrong with it. It would be nicer in my opinion if EWTN gave support and attention a Catholic production company putting out actual Catholic materials, though.


Can you link to the web site you are looking at?

Here is what I find on EWTN:


Hi Lucy
Image of God
Knights of St. Michael
My Catholic Family
Animated Stories From The Bible
Big Al LiveMy Little Angels
Big Bible Chest
Truth In The Heart
Divine Mercy Chaplet for Kids

#4 is the main site for all of their productions.

The reason I picked up on it is because of Lex De Azevedo is a very well known composure within the LDS culture and I recognized his music and the singing voices of David Osmond (son of one the original Osmonds) among other well know singers in the show.

Not saying that there is a real “problem” with it since I know they will only show the Bible stories, but I guess I just had a reaction. I honestly didnt expect Mormon productions on EWTN is all.

It is the “Animated Stories from the Bible” that I am referring to.


Interesting. I have seen several Nestfamily vidoes and really liked them all. I had no idea that they were a Mormon company. I’m sure EWTN has some idea, but I doubt many ordinary viewers do. I agree that it would be nice if EWTN supported a Catholic production company, but I wonder how many there really are? And how good their material is?


OP, if I recall correctly, that series USED to be owned by Mormons but Nest Family is now under other people - including an ex-Mormon (whose job it is to remove Mormon undertones from the videos, a Christian who oversees the scripts to make sure they are truly Christian, a rabbi, and a Catholic.)

But obviously, since they were once Mormon, you probably will still recognize the music and the voices because I’m sure they couldn’t remove all that too.

Check here:
I think it’s post 3 or 4 that shows a letter from one of the people at Nest, explaining this…

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