Catholic/Christian Art

I just got a new PC with windows 7, which has a very nice desktop feature which will alternate your wallpaper to different pictures every X minutes. I have been searching the internet for some images I’d like to have on there and have found some amazing photographs and other images, mostly of things in nature. I’d also like some images that reflect my Catholic faith in my “slideshow” desktop so I thought “what better place than!”

So here’s the request. Please post your favorite Catholic/Christian art pictures.
It can be a photograph or a painting or really any image that you love that has some religious meaning to you. I’m particularly fond of pictures of Big/Old Churches, Images of Mary, and Pictures of Jesus but anything you love would be appreciated.

*if this is not posted in the right section I’m sorry. Mods please move.

There was a post on here earlier today or yesterday that had beautiful images of the angels… but I can’t find it. ):

I hope someone posts some good art. I tried a google search but there was a lot of junk to sift through.

Found it!

Anywhere, here is some of the best art I’ve seen so far. :slight_smile:

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