Catholic/Christian Guided Meditation -- looking for a source

Does anyone know where I can find quality guided imagery meditation audio CDs/Mp3 tracks that are Catholic/Christian in content? I'd like to use them as an add-on to help fight disease and relieve stress (for example, guided imagery meditation is used to help cancer patients fight the disease), but most of the CDs out there are very New Age in focus or use self-hypnosis techniques. Secular CDs are ok, and they usually involve walking through a garden or along the beach, but I'm hoping that someone knows about a source for guided meditations that center around walking in a garden with Jesus or the Blessed Mother. Any suggestions?

I’m hoping that by replying to this post that I bring it back to the top & get an answer for ‘codetta’ as well as for me! As ‘codetta’ aptly stated there are a pletora of new age guided audio meditations available. I want to find Catholic guided mediations!! Where are they? I think it would be a nice add to my daily scripture reading as well as for Eucharistic Adoration.

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