Catholic/christian magazines

My daughter’s school is doing a magazine drive ; I wanted to know if anyone had any opinions about magazines; I receive Faith and Family, but does anyone know about Catholic digest, christianity today, today’s christian woman. Thanks

Catholic Digest is alright. My favorite is the Catholic Register though. :thumbsup:

I understand “This Rock” is supposed to be pretty good. :):slight_smile:

Those magazines (while excellent) are probably not part of this “magazine drive” fundraiser. I have received the same such fundraiser request several times before. I usually don’t bother because the only specifically Catholic magazine they have is “Catholic Digest”. They have a few other Christian magazines (as the OP mentioned) but the vast majority of offerings are secular. And you are limited to what’s on the list.

I believe “Catholic Digest” is intended to be a Catholic version of “Reader’s Digest.” It’s not the best Catholic magazine, but it’s not the worst either.

“Christianity Today” is a pretty mainstream Protestant publication. From my limited experience of that magazine, I believe they avoid many of the fundamentalist, anti-Catholic sorts of things, instead opting for a “mere Christianity” approach. They tend to be more even-handed than other Christian publications. You could do worse, but just be aware that they are not coming from a Catholic perspective.

Personally, I’d rather just donate the money to the school and (separately) subscribe to magazines of my own choosing, like “This Rock”, or “Envoy.”

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