Catholic=Christian. My bookstore experience

So now that I’ve calmed a wee bit, I will explain my experience yesterday at a local “CHRISTIAN” book store.

I was looking for some index tabs for my new bible, given to me by the Church. I’m in RCIA. I was also looking for a card for a couple whom recently had a new baby. I entered the store, and picked out the card.

I found lots of index cards, but noticed there were none that had ALL the books of the bible included, but I had previously found some online, so I know they are out there.
I concluded they didn’t have any, so I proceeded to the checkout. When the sales clerk asked if I had found everything ok, I then asked about the index tabs for the Catholic Bible. He looked it up, and said he could order them for me, but they were not allowed to have any CATHOLIC material in the store, as it is supported by the Baptist Association.
I was floored, but as usual, I am totally speechless in confrontational situations.
My response was, “OK”, but instead of paying for the card, I said “thank you”, and just left. I could not quite bring myself to spend any money there, let along ordering the index tabs.

Of course, on the way out of the store, I looked up at sign again, that said “??? CHRISTIAN book store”. I have also noticed that these bookstores are all across the USA.

The fact that they didn’t sell Catholic Bible tabs, didn’t bother me. What bothered me most was the fact that they are not allowed to sell anything Catholic in this store and told me about this fact. Christian = Catholic. I so wish I’d have told him that Catholics ARE Christians.

Ok I feel better now. thanks for letting me vent.

A shame. You are nicer than I would have been.

If you still haven’t found the tabs, Amazon carries them

search for " Catholic bible tabs"

I have found and ordered the tabs.
and TexanKnight…I may be little more of a coward than you. :))

Welcome to the wonderful world of anti-Catholic fundamentalist wackery.
Make sure before leaving you apologize for being Catholic, apologize for the Inquistion, the Crusades, any “martyr” named in Foxe’s book of martyrs, pediphile priests, and any wide-eyed accusation by that renowned Bible scholar and Church historian Jack Chick. :cool:
Have I missed anything?
Oh, and make sure you pray the one, two, three sinners prayer this Sunday at the Bible Beater’s Baptist Church so you can go to Heaven with all those fine examples of Christian love. :rolleyes:
Oh…and ah…make sure you put somethin’ in collection plate on the way out…preacher needs a new suit.

Written with tongue firmly in cheek, no fundamentalists were killed or injured in the making of this post.

:thumbsup: I only wish I could be this quick witted.

Perhaps. I just have always been outspoken.

I have been in your shoes in a Baptist Bookstore. I find them very un-Christian

I completely understand your feelings right now but, how about try and think of it in a different light? :slight_smile: There are many Christian Bookstores around the nation and I can think of at least two or three within a ten mile radius of my home. These book stores serve our Protestant brothers and sisters in Christ. This means that they would not have Catholic products there because Catholics are not Protestants just like Protestants are not Catholics. I know of one Christian bookstore that has a tiny section in the back of Catholic products. Also, most Protestant Bible tabs usually come with the additional Apocryphal books included in them.

I know this example probably won’t help but try and think of it in this way: what if a Protestant came into a Catholic bookstore looking for Bible Tabs or looking for a new NIV Bible or something, the Protestant would have gotten the same response that they do not sell anything Protestant in the store but they would order them for him.

Now I know my example probably didn’t help, or it may have made your venting even worse :smiley: but I can understand both points of view.

God bless!

Meh, they are free to run their business as they see fit, and you are free to spend your $ elsewhere. I have a problem with the idea that they will take your money for Catholic items they will order…just not stock…


They are happy to take the profit, but they won’t advertise for the Catholic faith. :frowning:

Which is exactly why I did not even buy the 3.00 card from them after they stated that. If I’d ordered the index tabs, I was thinking, they would have to have them in the store until I picked them up. So they were more than willing to accept my money.:confused:

You would have chewed out a hapless clerk who has nothing to do with store policy? :confused:

Yeah, i was raised “baptist” and even as a child remembering questioning my mom after a sunday service whereby the “preacher” informed the congregation that basically only other baptist will be in heaven which is why we MUST evangelize and convert all those “others” you know…Jews and Catholics.

i am so happy to be lead to the true, loving, and merciful Catholic Church:)
and there arent many Catholic book stores here in the protestant bible belt…:frowning:

Thank goodness for e-commerce! I received my first Rosary today, and it is beautiful. I couldn’t find a Catholic store anywhere near me either.

The only problem with your otherwise very charitable and reasoned answer is that “Christian” refers to Catholics AND Protestants (as well as Orthodox).

I would expect as a Catholic Christian that if I entered a bookstore marked "Christian’ it would carry Christian products which would have to include Catholic (and Orthodox) in order to be fully Christian.

So while I have no problem understanding that some Christians of the Protestant persuasion do not see Catholics as Christians, I do not have to accept their incorrect reasoning.

IOW, if you are going to limit your 'Christian products" to exclude Catholic (and Orthodox), please do not call your store a Christian store. State it is a PROTESTANT Christian or a “CHRISTIAN but we don’t think Catholics and Orthodox are Christian” store, otherwise you ARE going to be excluding your brothers and sisters --and that isn’t Christian.

I run a Catholic bookstore. And no, I don’t carry Protestant items. But I also don’t advertise as a “Christian Bookstore.” I am “Name of our Parish Bookstore.”

Christian includes all Christians, not just the ones they like.

So if you are a Christian store, you should carry items for all types of Christians, including Catholics. Otherwise you are a “Religions I like” store.

How do you equate not being silent with chewing out?

odd jump

Don’t be upset, rather expect it. What you observed was slight. Wait till you get someone who wants to convince you that you are not a Christian. Thats when it gets great.

My wife has found the best way to bring this out in a person is to sit the anti catholic in the passenger seat of her van next to a rosary hanging from the mirror. It has produced some spectacular diatribes so far.

…just wait till you learn about the “popes secret army” … :smiley:

I had a friend who went to a christian book store to buy a Scott Han book. When he got there he asked the man behind the counter where he could find the book. The man told him it was in the back so my friend went back there to get the book. There was a small sign above the that section that said Cults and other religions. He went back to the front of the store to ask the clerk why? The man said the family who owned the store made the rules and that he could do nothing about it. So my friend left to never return to that store.

This happens with “Christian School” also. You can bet it is a Protestant school, but has assigned itself Christian as *contrasted *to Catholic. I have even heard clueless but well-meaning Catholics contribute to this by referring to “Catholics and Christians” which they mean as “Catholics and other Christians” but that is not how it is understood by Protestants in general. It is taken as an admission that Catholics realize they are not Christian.AAARGH! Some may take this a being too picky, but these things can take on a life of their own. Christian does not = Protestant only.

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