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Hey guys. I was just wondering if anyone out their could give me a report on how the chruch divides the money it collects ( that is to say, what percentage goes to truly charitable causes). I am the only Catholic in my family, and I’m 15. My parents keep on heceling me because I want to tithe the money I earn, and then they say, “How much of the money actually goes to valuable causes anyway?”… and I can’t really say much. Any stats? Thanks a lot.



I believe the amount given to charity toward one’s neighbors is relative to the parish, so you should ask your Priest.

However, their question smacks slightly of Judas’s remarks toward the woman washing Christ’s feet with expensive perfume (John 12:1-8).

Money spent in fine things to honor Christ and to bring us into a better realization of His Majesty is itself a high form of financial charity.


the issue, however, is that my parents will not allow me to tithe my money if a certain percentage ( I think they said 65) doesn’t go to the poor etc. Are their any reports on Chruch funds that go to aids assistance, impoverished people, disease, social programs etc? I think hte Vatican puts out a financial report each year, do you know were I oculd get it?


Most money at my parish goes to just run the parish. Catholic churches do have second collections all the time that all proceeds collected go for that particular collection. Remember the Catholic church is year in year out the most charitable organization in the world.


Just ask your parish for their budget. Then ask your diocese for their budget. Then you’ll see where the money goes; it’s differs from parish to parish and diocese to diocese. I would imagine that most diocese are about the same. In mine, the Office of Vocations has the largest budget, followed by Religious Education, then the AIDS Ministry. Overall, vocations are 30% of the budget, followed by the various ministries at 19%, charities at 18%, education at 18%, and evangelization at 15%.

At 15 years of age, your time is more valuable to the Church than your money! Get out, be active, bring friends that aren’t Catholic into the Church, reinforce the Faith of the friends you have that are already Catholic! Don’t worry, the Church isn’t a “racket”. One of the oldest criticisms of the Church, by Judas Iscariot, the traitor, was that money was wasted on glorifying God. Money spent on glorifying God is NEVER a waste! So, if anyone ever tells you that money is wasted on beautiful art in a Catholic Church, know that beautiful art draws people closer to God, by glorifying Him, and that is NEVER a “waste”.


I truly think that, except for some general regulations, spending is parish to parish. Maybe someone else knows more about this circumstance.

But I do think the best way to find out is to talk with your Priest.


Depends on the parish and the area you are in. Many parishes have it go straight to the parish for needs, except for special collections. My parish is unique in that about half the budget is slated towards the K8 schools in the city. Without that expense more would be spent in other areas and the budget would not be so tight.


I’ll look this up for you. But I won’t be able to post a response till later tonight… it’s 11:39 am here right now. It’s saturday and I have the usual chores to do… real life does get in the way some times… :shrug: :smiley:

I do have a question though that will help me forumlate an response. Do your parents belong to any religion or Church? If so which one? And how are the finances of that organization covered. Like how are the clergy paid? Are they paid?

What I do know off the top of my head is that the CC is the largest charitable organization in the world. Every penny of this is financed from the Catholic contributions.


I just had an idea…

Just find a catholic charity that you like… there are many… I can post some here later. Give to that charity. I think that this might be a win-win situation.

Catholic Charities USA (CCUSA) meets the Standards for Charity Accountability
Catholic Charities USA…

77% of their funds go to programs.


You are an admirable young man to consider “tithing”. God will surely use your generous spirit to His purpose! God Bless you.

Every parish and every diocese and the universal church is accountable for how it spends its funds. Your local parish is required by Canon Law to have a Finance Council [also called Administrative Council or some other name] to porvide for the financial administration of parish funds - what is called “transparency, accountability and fiscal responsibilty” Ask your parish priest for an accounting…

Now to the requirement that 65% of parish funds be applied to charitable causes…

Do you parents use 65% of their income [operating funds] to benefit charitable causes?

What is the level of support that they provide to the parish? Support is more than just financial…time, talent and treasure are expected.

That said, how should one allocate the gifts from God to the world Tithing 10% is a good placce to start. Tithing was expected of the Jewish people who were given the Law and the Prophets. They were provided manna frm heaven and ransomed form savery in Egypt. How much more have we [as Christians] been given? The True Bread from heaven, the Blood of Christ fromthe cross, ransomed and saved y Christs atoning sacrifice?

So most catholics who practice this ‘tithe’ begin with parish support of 5-6%. It is your parish where you receive the Eucharist each week, Baptisms, Confirmations, Marriages Reconcilliation. The parish provides religous education and houses the priest [who provides the Sacramens including the Annointing] We should want our communal home to be maintained, welcoming, and available.

The other 4-5% should be contributed to other charitable causes. This can be through the Second collections for various causes [homelessness, pro-life causes, food banks, missions, etc.] that are a part of the church’s mission and through other charitable organizations. Be sure to research charitable organizations and donate onlly to those whos administrative costs are 5% or less of every dollar donated. This ensures that your contribution goes to the purpose for which it was solicited. Some charities have operating costs of 95%, which means that only 5 cents goes to the charitabe cause!

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