Catholic church and aliens

what does the church say about all this if much at all I remember that the vatican said it was ok to believe in aliens.

but also for you if you don’t mind

do you believe that other life exist outside of our planet

if yes does it exist somewhere in our solar system

somewhere in our local neighborhood of the galaxy

somewhere in our galaxy

somewhere in our local universe

somewhere in the universe.

I would say none in our solar system

maybe in our local neighborhood of our galaxy but very little to no chance

maybe in our galaxy slight chance but not much

local universe I say ok chance

universe more then likely

I say there has to be something else out there. Are they more advanced then us possibly, do they have souls no. and also I think they are to far away to actually try to visit us.

So UFO our just things that we mistake for UFO that are natural occurrences on earth or demons yes I said it demons playing tricks with our minds.

the only way we could be visited by UFO is if they either found a way to bend time and space and can travel through ti or if they live for millions of years or something and they just traveled in the direction of earth.

BTW its very difficult to find the earth if you live a few hundred light years away from here the sun is a reality small star and the earth is very tiny. I don’t think we could find ourselves if we lived that far away even with a 100 years better technology, espically not knowing it existed in the first place.


Contrary to many popular notions that the Church is somehow “against” science, many members of the Church were key figures in the discovery of scientific fundamentals. Copernicus and Galileo (heliocentrism), Gregor Mendel (genetics), Louis Pasteur (food sterilization)…the list goes on.

So it shouldn’t be a surprise to learn that the Vatican has an astronomical observatory as well as a chief astronomer. Last year, the Vatican held a pontifical seminar on astrobiology, discussing much of what you had asked. You can find this extremely illuminating program (with abstracts and theses and more) from the official Vatican website as a PDF. Look for the third link, “Study Week on “Astrobiology” (6-10 November 2009).

Do you mean intelligent life or just life? I think that there is a possibility of life - not intelligent, but life, nonetheless - on one of the moons of Jupiter, Io I think. I do think that statistically, it is probable that somewhere in the universe, if not in our own galaxy, there is intelligent life at or around our level of intelligence.

I once heard someone say along the lines of (can’t remember who, but the question was regarding: should the faithful be worried about life on another planet?): “Would the existence of intelligent alien life damage the truth of Christianity in any way? I think not; we would have to reevaluate some things, just as when we found that the Earth was not the center of the universe, but, just as then, it should make us reflect even more on how powerful God is.”

Of what I’ve read / heard, astrophysicists are divided as to the existance of another Earth like planet within our universe.

I tend to believe that Earth is unique to our universe and that we are alone in it.

Years ago, astrophysicists began totally up the absolutes about our solar system and our universe in order for the creation of an Earth and life on Earth. Back then, there were 85 unique properties.

I’m of course open to other universes, having another solar system, with another Earth like planet within it.

That is possible, as the conditions necessary for life are so numerous and a nanometer off those conditions are disastrous for the existence of life. Life is fragile.

i agree with this, i think the one thing that humans have that no other animals or aliens have souls we are the only ones and we more the likely only exist on earth. So even if there is other life or maybe even intelligent life it doesn’t matter becuase they don’t have souls so we are still morally superior I guess to them. I think it would be awesome to find a planet with life outside our own solar system.

If interested, here is a list of the unique characteristics that must be conjoined to form an Earth like planet and to sustain life upon that planet.

Earth also, is the “pearl of great price”.

Taken from:
Big Bang Refined by Fire
by Dr. Hugh Ross, 1998.
Reasons To Believe
Pasadena, CA.

"By putting together probabilities for each of these design features occurring by chance, we can calculate the probability of the existence of a planet like Earth.

This probability is 1 chance in 10 to the 99th power. (That’s the number 10 with 99 zeros behind it.)

Since there are estimated to be a maximum of planets (10 to the 23th power) in the universe (10 planets/star, see note below), by chance there shouldn’t be any planets capable of supporting life in the universe (only one chance in 10 to the 76th power).

Design or random chance?"

10 to the 99th power (1 chance in 10,0000000000,0000000000,0000000000,0000000000,0000000000,0000000000,0000000000,0000000000,0000000000,000000000.)

I couldn’t care less, as this will not change our life in any way. We will still live and die as we always have, whether we are “alone” (we aren’t, what about our LORD and the Angels?) or whether the night sky is full of life.

If anybody (for some strange value of “body”:)) is out there, we would never be able to visit them; too far. We would never be able to talk to them: incompatible linguistic heads (if they have a head). The only gain would be for philosophers who are anxious to figure out our “place” in the universe. There’s no gain in being put in our “place.”:shrug:

After all, if aliens are found, people will say, it PROVES that human beings are no great shakes; that life, and probably mind, are as common as dust motes in an attic. Therefore, we should adjust our sense of our life way downward.

But in our human bones, we sense that human life is a doggone good thing. Instead of watching anxiously for alien life, We should be maximizing our own, and improving our technology in the process, so if the flying saucers do come, we will be able to meet them on a nearly equal footing.

God Bless and ICXC NIKA.

It does question however, the continued federal funding of the human-in-space programs.

I realize that there have been some benefits to humanity from our observations in space.

I’m all for the orbital telescopes and the unmanned exploration. But, this idea that humans needs to travel to Mars or that humans can “live” on Mars is illogical.

while I don’t disagree that there is a design in the universe and that design comes from god I don’t think you are right and I think your sties prediction may be alittle off.

first I don’t know if galaxy size would influence star formation

second while yes its not possible to have planet formation in eliptical galaxies it may be possible for there to maybe be a short spike of life in a irregular galaxies.

thrid I hope you know that we are very close to a very large galaxy called andromida we aren’t effected gravitationally that much but we are close to it so that throws off that theory alittle bit.

fourth supernovas are correct, white dwarfs are correct proximity to supernova is correct, (but it is possible that life could exist after that super nova happened but i would wipe out all life that was there directly before the supernova if it existed.

the distance from the galatic center is questionable. if you look at an illustration of the milky way you will notice there are multiple regions of star formation like our own. There are mulitple spirials so we could have easily have existed in a star formation region not close to the center as we are now.

I hope your article knows we are pretty much right next to or in a spiral arm, and even in that small spiril arm it is possible for there to be star formation regions like our own.

I could go on and on with objections but I don’t think your chances our on there is alot of stuff we just simply don’t know about the universe

did you here about the new discovery today apparently some life doesn’t need water to exist.

Now I’m sure your guys percentages on how likely it is for human like life to exist could be on, but keep in mind we are talking about life in general so a microorganism living in harsh conditions in a massive star solar system would be considered life outside of the solar system.

There are already 505 known planets outside the solar system, and discovery of planets like earth is inevitable.

i disagree there could be benefits of traveling to mars, but living on mars is yes illogical. If humans could actually go and take samples on mars and see what conditions where like on that planet in the past would be so awesome.

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