Catholic Church and non-Catholic Communities Question

From the way that I understand Penance is that one does not have to go to Confession to confess venial sin only mortal sin. It is recommended to go frequently even if you are not under the state of mortal sin to receive the inherent graces granted from the sacrament.

Mortal sin can be forgiven outside of confession if the individual is perfectly contrite for the sin. But how can an individual trully know if he is perfectly contrite? Confession insures forgiveness.

Also it is required by Christ because sin just does not impact the sinner. It impacts the community as well. So one not only needs to be forgiven by God but he/she needs to also be forgiven by the community (Church) and even one’s self.

In other words the Calvinistic way is imperfect and is not a guaranteed method of forgiveness. It is extremely individualistic and does not emphasized the exterior influences of sin in the community.

God’s graces are freely given to everyone who participates in mass. That is very different in saying that God’s graces are universally received by everyone who particates in mass. We all make decisions to receive God’s graces or not and that is what you see. When I go to mass I believe I am being changed, progressing in holiness, desiring God more, I just can’t attest to anyone else.

I agree that our Protestant brothers have the Spirit of God working in their lives and usually when they come over to the Catholic church they are usually some of the more outspoken Catholics. If Catholics only accepted what the Church offers to the point that many Protestant and even Mormans do, there would be a fire burning so bright around our parishes that there would be no need for this conversation for all Christians would be Catholics. Let us pray that one day this sleeping giant awakes and makes it so.

If a Catholic knows and understands that the Church is the true church of God and disregards that to go to another faith or religion then there is no salvation for him or her.

Regretfully there are so many Catholics that think they have to leave the church to find God. Typically these people are very ignorant of the Churches teachings and religious practises. I mean I have heard from “former Catholics now Protestants” all kinds of stuff that I suppose to believe such as idol worship and reincarnation. That shows how much ignorance is out there.

I guess to answer your question: If I, who know and understand that the Catholic church and her teachings are the fullness of truth given to us by God, left the Church and joined the Baptist church then would never find salvation. I turned my back on the truth and became a heretic.

If I am one of those people who do not understand the teachings of the church and believes she teaches idol worship and reincarnation then the jury is out I don’t know. We just need to pray for people like that to return to the church.

I think a good analogy between Catholic and all of these other communities out there is the puzzle. Imagine a puzzle with the picture of Christ on it (pick any picture it really doesn’t matter as long as it is a holy one:) ) . Imagine if each piece of the puzzle was a church teaching. If pull out one piece you can still see Christ but his image is slightly marred. Pull out another one and another one and another one, etc and/or insert a foreign piece(s) and eventually the image gets real confusing and if enough pieces are removed or replaced by foreign pieces the image gets real distorted to the point that you may not be worshipping God anymore at all.

That is the relationship between the Church and other communities. And that is the danger of other communites as well. The less you know about how to achieve salvation the harder it is in achieving it. Can other Christians be saved? Yes. Is it harder outside the Church? Yes. Are all Catholics going to Heaven? No. Are all Catholics better Christians than others? No. The reason why I believe that is there are many Catholics who do not know what their church teaches and really do not care to.

because a Catholic knows better. A Catholic already is in the right place. The others in these communities are there in ignorance thru no fault of their own (could be the family has been there for generations or there is no way culturally or geographically that this person could attend the Catholic Church.) It is God’s mercy that all who can be saved will be saved. A Catholic who chooses to leave the Church is refusing this gift.

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