Catholic Church called "Evil Incarnate" on Irish Radio


I am at a loss for words at this moment in time. I have within the last hour listened to an interview with a one Mr Dave Fanning regarding the film/documentary “Deliver Us From Evil” which is showing in selected cinemas about Ireland at present.

During his passioned anti-Catholic rant, Mr Faning goes on to refer to the Catholic Church as being Hell, as an organisation that is rotten to the core, as a crazy organisation and finally calls Mother Church evil incarnate.

Just have a listen to it and see the scandalous tirade he went on. Its as anti-Catholic as you can get. It can be heard in RealPlayer format on Go up along to 1hr 42mins into the show for the shocking interview.

You may then register you protest / disgust to just as I have done.

For those of you in Ireland you can call the RTE complaint line on a Dublin number 01-2083434.


What think ye? (bump)


What else is new? Luther used harsher terms when referring to the Church and the Pope himself during his lifetime.



Sure ya know that God invented da whisky so’s the Irish can’t rule da wurld…da radio boys just got a head start, dat’s all.

Iowa Mike


What sort of reaction has this received in Ireland? It sounds a lot like Ian Paisley’s rants that he has made for decades.


Hello Fergal,

I had mixed reactions to this radio piece.

It causes me pain to hear about these scandals within the Church that I love. It makes me sick to think that those in authority would
try to hide this scandal and put the welfare of the victims aside. It’s as bad as what they’re trying to cover up. I don’t understand how a bishop/cardinal can move a known abuser between parishes knowing the more innocent victims will suffer. It turns my stomach. Can the problem not be nipped in the bud because the disease has spread too far?

I can understand Dave’s reaction to a certain extent but of course he was way over the top in the things he said about the Church.
I can understand why people turn their back on the Church in disgust.

If I didn’t know that the Catholic Church is the one true Church of Christ, I think I too would have left a long time ago along with half of the country.

It’s one thing to defend a Church that stands up for the truth in the face of attacks from a corrupt/securlar world. It’s quite another to defend a Church that allows the most abominable abuse of innocent children to continue. The perpetrators and their superiors are destroying the Church!

God bless,


I absolutely condemn, in the strongest terms possible, any priest, bishop or cardinal that had any part in covering up or hiding the atrocious acts.

However, I find it absolutely astounding that people are holding God’s “Church” responsible for the deeds of sinful men. The “Church” did not do these things, weak and sinful men did. Over the millenniums the Church has weathered all kinds of adversity including bad bishops, bad popes, bad priests, bad nuns, and heretics, persecution etc. etc., and guess what? It is still standing! Jesus said he would be with us (the Church) until the end of time and I believe him.

The “Church” always comes through these problems stronger because She has not changed; Her teachings, traditions, doctrines and dogmas remain the same.

Holding the Church responsible for this situation is like throwing the ‘baby out with the bathwater’. No organization or government on the planet could remain standing if held responsible for the evil deeds of a few of its members?

Iowa Mike


The abuse scandal gives the haters another excuse to slam the Church - the same Church they were slamming before the scandal.


You might want to re-think that in light of the fact that at least in some circumstances, the sexual abuse was known and not dealt with, and the abuser moved to another parish where he abused again (and again, and again…). In the failure to deal with this issue, there are going to be some who will have to make a very serious accounting.

It is not simply a black and white issue; early on there was little or no evidence of the results of abuse on the victim; much of the abuse was not reported, and the reports often were a long time in coming after the actual occurance. Further, when it was recognized for what it did, many bishops relied on the advice os (supposed) experts, who said they could cure the abuser… It is a can of worms, and anyone who tries to make it simple will find they have only made it simplistic.


As I explained in my original post…these things were done by men, bishops, priests, etc. not by the Church. The 97% or 98% of the clergy that are faithful to Church teaching, their vows, etc. should not be condemned by the acts of the 2% or 3% who were not.

As far as I’m concerned it is a very back and white issue…those priets, bishops, etc. that covered up these abuses, perpetrated the abuses or knew about the abuses and did nothing need to answer to both God and civil authority…they are black. Those that have faithfully followed Church teachings, knew nothing about these abuses and have been faithful to their vows…they are white.

Iowa Mike


This reminds me of “Angela’s Ashes” which my son had to read in high school. I read it and he took a “F” for a grade.

It had a lot of inappropriate language for a 16 year to read. Besides that the author trashed the Irish and the"Christian Brothers" teaching order as abusive teachers.

By the same token, how did the writer learn to become an author of the books if he wasn’t for these same teachers??:wink:


Do not assume that Rome/Vatican knew the full truth regarding the sex scandal cases.

Should have the early Christians left the Apostles for what Judas did? Judas betrayed Christ and Christ picked him to be an Apostle.

The media makes the sex scandals a Catholic problem, when the problem exist in all and at a higher precentage in the non-Catholic churches.



While we need to condemn catholics who mess up,we also need to keep coming back at people who are just plain anti-catholic.
If you read Scotland’s Daily Record,you will have read of the young Polish student found murdered in a Glasgow church.A sex offender has been charged with her murder.The student had a roof over her head,in return for her doing some cleaning duties.Sadly,it seems the priest had an affair with her.He also has a drink problem.
The lawyer defending the guy on the sex offender’s list is a certain
Donald Findlay who has been using words like “shameful"and
"liar” when questioning the priest in Court.The same Donald Findlay had to resign his Chairmanship of Rangers Football Club a few years ago because of a drunken rant against the Pope,when
celebrating winning the Championship.Unlike in the past,when Rangers only signed non-catholics,there were catholic Rangers players present when he pulled this stunt.I understand he suffered from a broken relationship shortly before,but then the priest had his problems as well.
I wrote to “Have your Say” at the Daily Record/Sunday Mail but i
don’t expect it to be published.


Jock , One of my friends was a Catholic from Scotland ,Only her treatment by the church has made very anti Catholic ,She wants a true sorry for what happened to her and her siblings , But the hierarchy are refusing to say a meaningful sorry , The same in Ireland , One of my friends from Ireland has said pubicly he would like to kill every nun of the sisters of Mercy ,What have they done to bring out such hatered in people , yours michael



IOWA Mike I am sorry I think I appended my response to your response.
Grace Angel.


I do agree that we should all pay for our sins.However,i
was making the point that there are people in the media who pay a lot of attention to catholic scandals but are conspicuous by their absence when the scandals are happening elsewhere.I’m
reluctant to use the word hate,but back in the late 1950’s i didn’t much like people who turned me down for jobs because i was a catholic.Our catholicism only goes as far back as my grandparents.Have a look at,look at the abuse by people who have nothing to do with religion


I’m 16, I read that book when I was 15 and I loved it, dispite the fact that the Catholic faith was ultimely trashed. I’m curious to know why you think it was unapproiate for a 16 year old to read?

I’m French Catholic, inherited from my mother who comes from a devout french catholic family that has been so for centuries. But my first name, like my mother’s mother is Kathleen, which means I’m also from a strong Irish Catholic family. It’s a not question for the Church it’s a question for the indiviual. How importent is your faith to you? Are you willingly to take the bad with the good? Are you strong enough to resist the evil Satan weilds to try and corrupt Holy Mother Church? I know the gates of hell will not prevail against the Church, but it’s sad to see so many less faithful because they are discusted with the Scandals. Maybe I’m being a little pig headed but I always remember the command from God that’s in my mother’s prayer book to never “Condemn or judge a priest, even when he is in wrong. Instead pray for him. I alone will be his only Judge.”


Burnside , I have known for a long time about how Catholics were treated in Scotland and Northen Ireland, I also know the stats for child abuse ,I posted a letter on the 21 May 1997 to Mr Blair at 10 Downing Street asking him to tackle abuse of children properly , And what we had for 6 years was lies from nunber 10 and the Home Office , You will remember the murder of Sarah Payne , To put it bluntly she wuld be alive to day if the **** that runs our county had not lied , About what hey had done but had not

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