Catholic Church = Christ's Church


Of the choices shown, which do you think portrays the most significant evidence for the Catholic Church being the one, holy, catholic, and apostolic Church instituted by Jesus Christ?

Biblical characteristics of the Church

[size=]What the Bible says the Church is. Example: “The [Church is] the pillar and bulwark of truth.”

Uninterrupted chain of apostolic succession

Bishops in succession of the Apostles…and the primacey of the Bishop of Rome began to take notice (at least in writing) quickly, if not immediatley.

Development of doctrine/truth withing the Church[/size]

What the Holy Spirit has led Christ’s Church to: the formation of the Bible, the belief of the Trinity, etc…

*****If you have a better one, post it. I just thought of three, and there has to be more. **


vote! :smiley:


This was hard to vote for because I just wanted to pick all of the above lol but i went with the one about Apostolic succession. If you can’t trace your church back to Jesus, you’re in the wrong one! :slight_smile:


I voted For Biblical evidence. But I would have preferred a more specific choice of Historical evidence. Since one could say the bible is just a bunch of documents, without historical evidence to back it up.

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