Catholic Church forced to perform "gay marriages" in Denmark

The Catholic Church will be forced to perform “gay marriages” in Denmark.

I thought the progressives said this wouldn’t happen, that they would respect individual churches conscience rights? Strange…

This only applies to the state affiliated Danish National Church, which is Lutheran.

Still unsettling though.

Edit: This story is also from June 2012

This isn’t fair to the church, and why get married at a place that’s forced to marry you? That’s gotta be awkward.

I hope they fight this.

I thought the progressives said this wouldn’t happen, that they would respect individual churches conscience rights? Strange…


A lot of big-government progressive promise things they don’t deliver on. Just ask Native Americans or some of the unions.

Just like when polygamy and marrying blow-up dolls happens, the “two consenting adults” crowd vanishes into thin air.

Oh, I just have a question:

Does this also apply to mosques? :smiley:

So is the Catholic Church being forced to do this or only Lutherans? Either way it is wrong. Nobody should be forced to perform “gay marriages”. However, if it is the Catholic Church being forced then I would be outraged simply because I am a Catholic. I would still be angry even if it was only the Lutherans though.

It’s only the Danish National Church, which is Lutheran. The Danish government can force this because it is a state affiliated church, like the Anglican Church is in England. But yes, this is still very wrong.

The article says individual priests can choose not to perform the ceremony. That does not sound like “forcing”.


But it is possible that the couple might sue the priest for “discrimination” against them for the fact that he refused to perform the ceremony on the grounds of his conservative opinion.

I suppose anyone can sue anyone, but it doesn’t mean the suit has merit. A Lutheran priest declines to marry homosexuals on conscience grounds, the bishop arranges another priest to perform the ceremony. Everyone gets what they want. No one was discriminated against.

Many of the Lutheran priests and bishops in that country are in favour of same sex marriage. Give to Caesar and all that, it is their National Church.
I cannot see the Catholic Church accepting this law and we all would have to fight it. I hope some Lutherans will fight, but the battle has been lost in a lot of churches.
Personally I would like to see the government of America trying it on. It might spark a fire they may not be able to put out. At least it would show the nearly fatal division in the American Catholic church that bubbles away under the surface.

So the Lutheran Church in Denmark uses the terms priest and bishop? I think that’s where it gets confusing. Is there any response from the Catholic bishop in Denmark?

The title of this thread is manifestly disproven and wrong, and the mods should take it down lest people be misled.

Yup, just like when private business owners here in the US conscientiously object on religious grounds and the homosexuals simply go patronize another establishment.

Oh wait…

Things are a little chaotic out there right now, and gay rights has gained a lot of momentum, but I believe that religious liberties will be maintained in the long run.

LOVE! :heart:

This is true in so far as in the long run God wins, no questions asked. However, the movement has gained so much momentum that I expect there will be several generations before the true affects of what they’ve done will become really noticeable… and then many more until they’ll be acted upon; after all, it only took about a generation for use to quantifiable show how bad no-fault divorce has been for society, but people still keep their heads up their bums about it and ignore the issue… so it can’t really be considered acted upon yet.

This doesn’t apply to the Catholic Church.

Straight from Vatican Radio: Catholic Church not affected by new same-sex marriage law in Denmark

Of course, it is still very troubling. It’s not a trend we want to see taken further, that’s for sure!


If we go by the history of the ssm movement.

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