Catholic Church founded by Jesus?

But isn’t the ‘figurative language’ a way of saying ‘the accidents remain’?

Both/and’ as opposed to ‘either/or’

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Jesus held Himself “figuratively” in His hands. :roll_eyes:

No. We differ on the whether it is His Body or not.

Then I will pose the same question I posed to McQ72…
By what authority do you know when scripture is figurative or literal. From a Tradition or from self interpretation?

Patrick Madrid shows an example of interpretation e.g.:
“I never said you stole money” - this phrase can be interpreted in at least 5 ways.

So without an authority, how do you know you are interpreting correctly? There is only one TRUTH, so why all the different interpretations?

Peace to All

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From Catholic Answers on the subject of predestination:

"The Catholic Church permits a range of views on the subject of predestination…,

Even in the Catholic Church, personal (studied presumably) interpretation is permitted. The question of course is always where the sidelines are drawn.

I don’t think so. As Radical once posted on CAF, “If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck”.

No stranger than saying He ate Himself.

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Again we differ on how it is His body.

Regardless of how weirded out you are, Augustine said “He held Himself in His Hands.” To say it figuratively is to be dishonest.

No. We say it is. You say it isn’t. You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

No. You say it is literally. We say it is figuratively , in a truer unbloody manner.

I don’t think so. The worst I can be is wrong, or ignorant, not dishonest.

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He clearly said, “This IS My Body” not “This is a symbol of My Body.”

You cannot quote a Augustine as a non believer in the Real Prescene.

How did you work that out? Jesus condemned them for their sinful works - in other words, their DISOBEDIENCE to God’s commandments.

Respectfully, your not answering the question… How do YOU know YOU are interpreting scripture correctly? If you and a fellow christian from your church disagree on the meaning of a scripture line, where do you go to get a final correct answer? The pastor? majority of congregation in agreement?

Peace to ALL

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To add to this, remember the Lord spoke about the Bread from Heaven\Life a year BEFORE to the followers, disciples, and Apostles. This was the “ONLY” time followers(and Judas) left him due to his teaching in ALL of scripture - no other time… Why leave if it was NOT literal?

This also ties in with O.T. (Old and New Covenant) Moses and the Exodus to the Promised Land, The Lord’s Exodus is the new Promised Land - Heaven… Both using the Jewish Passover.

Funny how much I forget the Old Testament ties in with the New Testament…

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It is his real body, blood, soul and divinity. We know this because Jesus told us. It is NOT symbolic.

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So it is disobedient to pray for and heal the sick, cast out demons. And speak for God prophetically ???

Where were they disobedient? What was their inequity? What commands did they break? What on the to do list did they neglect?

David committed murder and adultery? Was he not disobedient?

The five foolish virgins carried their lamps and apparently went hand in hand to wait with the wise virgins to wait upon the Lord/ Groom. What commands did they break?

Are you sure it was condemnation for sinful works ?

You are in a conundrum, probably due to the strongly engrained paradigm of the to do list and not to do list as a basis for righteousness.

The answer is very much there in those texts, but impossible to see through such religious eyes. Hence the drunkard and prostitute get into heaven first.

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