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Which books do you recommend to study Catholic Church History?

There are several good ones here.

I am very impressed with above list. I’d like to add:


John Hitcock has a very good book and the history of the Catholic Church. I am still trying to get through it.

The Ante-Nicene Fathers (10 Volume Set)
Epic: A Journey Through Church History
The Bible Timeline: The Story of Salvation

True, and also available online

This collection is out of copyright and may be read or downloaded (all 28 volumes) for free from

The collection was compiled by a protestant editor and has protestant commentary. But I see no indication that the editor tampered with any of the actual text. But it’s amusing to see how he tries to explain what the Fathers really meant to say… (just so you don’t get confused by what they actually wrote).

Hey, I just noticed has Introduction to the Devout Life by St. Francis de Sales - truly one of the great spiritual writings of all time. And, for those not faint of heart, the complete Summa.

Thank you for that information about it. I thought it would be good to have just because of how comprehensive the collection is.

You are right that we should ignore the commentary and keep our focus on what the fathers of the Church actually said.

Yes, this is a good book…I have it, bit I need to tackle it still. It makes a good reference book, also.

Don’t need to buy from these folks, but they give good reviews and description.

Jaroslav Pelikan’s Five Volumes on the Development of Christian Doctrine.

by Anne Carroll, published by Tan Books, Phone # 1800437*5876
It is one of the most interesting book that I have ever read. It shows how God has worked through history in His Church and it has a lot of apologetically useful information as well. History is not just about one country advancing because of some new technological weapon that it uses to subdue its enemies. History is about people. In this book you really get to know some important people in Church history. Often she will give quotations from them at turning points in history that lets you see right into their character, good or bad. History is about how God’s divine providence prevails.

Her husband,

by Warren Carroll, six volume history book set

** The Founding of Christendom **

**The Building of Christendom **

[Comments from unknown author] The author does an excellent job of drawing from an incredible amount of sources, they are well documented, considered objectively, and give the reader a full view of history.
Further, the author includes those things both flattering and unflattering to Christendom. The information helps to shatter myths of history that have grown over time. While there are truly events in history that give serious pause to the faithful, but inclusion of the good and bad also shows the un-mistakable hand of the God in guiding the Church. For it probably would not be standing today if it relied on humans alone.
I plan on completing all of the volumes. I fully recommend the volumes to anyone interested in a thorough un-biased view of Christendom.

Warren Carroll has a knack for taking history and making it into a fascinating gripping story. His thesis is that God acts through individual people making free will choices. At key points in time this effects the course of civilization for hundreds or thousands of years. These choices are what history is not huge impersonal “forces”. He backs this up with very impressive sources and logical deduction. If you want a well written story of how God has acted to bring about His plans and how humans have helped or hindered, you should read all of these books. Protestants and others who have never studied the early years of Christianity will find their beliefs challenged.

** The Glory of Christendom **

** The Cleaving of Christendom **


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The best is the original one written very close to the time of the Apostles. Eusebius Pamphilius, born around A.D. 265) work the original History of The Church based on what he received from those who still “had the words of The Apostles ringing in their ears”.

A more modern book is this one:

Not purely church history, which actually helps it set everything in context:

History Of Christendom, Warren Carroll

And let us not Forget the New Testament.

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