Catholic Church in Brazil Sues Movie Studio over Use of Christ Statue in '2012'

Brazil’s Catholic Church is suing Hollywood for using unauthorized images of Rio’s famous giant Christ statue in its disaster movie blockbuster 2012, a lawyer involved in the case said on Wednesday.


Wow I just heard about this this week…I’m glad the Church isn’t letting people walk all over it!:nunchuk:

Good for them.

They showed no Mosques being destroyed but in the film, showed the Vatican and that statue being destroyed.

I have quite an admiration for that Christo Redentor statue overlooking Rio…REALLY looking forward to seeing it as a backdrop for scenery shots during coverage of the 2014 World Cup and later the 2016 Summer Olympics!

Good to see the church there is taking action against 2012! That director has a history for underwhelming us with films such as “Stargate” (which inspired a couple much better TV shows), “Independence Day,” “Godzilla,” “The Day After Tomorrow,” and various others…but this time he went one step too far!

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