Catholic Church in Ireland warned not to lobby against abortion by Government Minister

Minister Rabbitt should know that there is a vast difference between lobbying and dictating! :rolleyes:

Labour Minister Pat Rabbitte has criticised Cardinal Sean Brady for comments he made over the weekend on abortion.

Cardinal Brady said the Catholic Church plans to lobby TDs and Ministers on the issue in the coming weeks.

Mr Rabbitte said it would be “a retrograde step” if the Catholic Church went back to dictating to elected representatives on how to address the issue of abortion.


Indeed. Why can not those that vote for Democrats not see that which is happening in Ireland is soon to happen in America?

For the Gov’t to be so** brazen **as to make such threatening statements is a call to (spiritual) arms methinks. How can it not be?

We shall all see what the ‘fightin’ Irish’ shall do about this one…

What say you?


Bounce the guy out of office.


As someone who lives in Ireland I cant tell you, they will do absolutely nothing. They voted these people in in the first place.
Second, the fact that there is even a debate means the argument, in all real terms, has already been lost.
If this were to go to a referendum, and the people reject abortion, as they did in a previous referendum, it makes no difference. They, the government, will simply come back to them until the get the ‘right answer’ as with all the EU treaties the Irish, including myself, rejected.
I mean, I would vote no, but if it came to a referendum, I would even bother to cast a vote that a government doesn’t respect. A sad sate of so called democracy to be sure but that is where we are. Governments get away with a lot of corruption, duplicity, outright lies, and bullyboy tactics over here. Thats just the way it is:shrug:


Killer Rabbit scene from Monty Python.

"THAT’S no ordinary Rabbit, it’s the most cruel, foul, and bad tempered rodent you’ve ever set eyes on!

“That Rabbit’s got a foul streak a mile long … it’ll do you a treat mate”

Hi boys and girls, I’m Pat Rabbitte the 'bortion bunny !

Are WE gonna let Bishops tell us what to DO? (Shakes his head 'no")

Kids: “NOOOOoooo!”

Pray for Ireland. Again and still. :sad_yes: Be Pro-life! :slight_smile:

He’s a disgrace, another blinded politician by satan, corruption is rife, what part of No ! don’t they understand.
They keep browbeating the people to change something they already rejected, on tax-payers money to boot…sooner he is kicked to touch the better…

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