Catholic Church only one until Reformation?

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Subrosa, when you mentioned how all these churches were forming their own bibles based on their traditions, are you talking about primitive “parishes,” so to speak, of the Catholic Church? Or did you also mean the various heretical groups (nestorians, arians, etc.?)
I have to admit you’ve sparked my interest in a somewhat related topic: I believe it is commonly said (even in the world history classes I took before and during high school) that the Catholic Church is the only christian church that existed until the Reformation (aside from the great schism of 1054 leading to eastern orthodoxy). Is that because all these other groups weren’t considered to be real churches? If so, why not? Were there any other real churches in the days of early christianity until the Reformation? If anyone can shed some light on this I would greatly appreciate it.

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I don’t want to alarm anyone, the first part of that paragraph is just in reference to the books of the Bible that were being written before the Church officially determined the Canon.

Here’s a link to The Great Heresies to help you get started.

And no, there were no “ecclesial communities” (which is what the Church calls Protestant “churches”) prior to the 1500’s.

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