Catholic Church selling indulgences

I was having a conversation with a friend of mine at my church. He was telling me about the Catholic Church selling indulgences. It was my understanding that some priest did this but the Pope never authorized this. Is there anyone here that is well versed in history and can explain to me how the selling of indulgences actually happened and how the Church justified this. I know I’ve read this in history books too. I’m just looking for a better understanding. Thanks! God bless!

I heard about this, but don’t know the details. I don’t know if it was ever authorized, but
whether or not that was the case, it was wrong nevertheless. In terms of doctrine, the
Roman Catholic Church is perfect and infallible, but that doesn’t mean that all actions
taken by men working in the Church are okay. Some men will do bad things and will
be held accountable for what they do in their training, but the Church, as a whole, is
not to blame for that selling of indulgences deal.

Some priests did it back in the 15 and 16 century but it was not a Church teaching. That’s one of the reasons why the Reformation started (like I said 1 reason, not the reason).

All indulgences sold for money were deemed invalid by one of our previous Popes. Much like you can’t sell holy water (because then it’s just normal water,) you can’t sell indulgences, because then they seek to be indulgences.

doesn’t the notion just seem awkward with in itself, I can only imagine someone walking up to a priest or bishop palming 50 bucks, and giving a wink an nudge saying hey how about an indulgence / blessing … I am more curious as to how a blessing / indulgence is dispensed, meaning does one humbly come forward and ask, or is it something that clergy do at their own discretion and can deacon give one as well ?

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