Catholic Church Sex Abuse Scandal Is Demonic, Likely to Get Worse: Leading U.S. Exorcist


Why are so many homosexuals attracted to the priesthood?


I have no idea…


I just listened to a Fr. Ripperger talk about the recent crisis and he pointed out that the priesthood became an easy closet for gays – if you’re Catholic and secretly gay, people would start asking “why don’t you have a girlfriend? Are you married? Why aren’t you married yet? What are your plans?” – the solution was to just become a priest.

The church also became less stringent about admitting men to the priesthood over time in the 20th century as well. The screening process used to be much more strict, not even just about chastity but also mental and spiritual fitness as well. As far as chastity went, it wasn’t even that someone was barred just for being gay, if someone was believed to be struggling with chastity of any kind, they were not admitted whether they were straight or gay. When they relaxed the admission process, they admitted men with the hope and trust that the chastity struggle was something they would be able to overcome once they became priests. Obviously for many that has not been the case.

So a combination of all these things would certainly lend itself to a lot of gay men joining the priesthood.


Satan did not make the priests molest children. Satan did not make the bishops fail to stop it.

Blaming Satan is a lame cop-out. It makes me angry to hear it.

I confess to almighty God… That I have greatly sinned, though my fault, through my fault, through my most grievous fault

Take a guess who’s fault.

Hint: Not Satan’s fault!

This is human evil.

Satan is the father of lies. Satan wants us to blame him. If we blame Satan, we duck accountability for our sins, and will fail to amend our ways.

If we fail to amend, children continue to get raped.

Satan never raped anybody.


that is pretty much point on


This is something no one has said. If you want to get angry, it should be for something real.


No one has mentioned that Francis didn’t say Satan tempted the priests to sin. He said Satan, “the accuser,” is the one uncovering the sins.

Uncovering abuse is morally necessary and the opposite of diabolical.

(Edit: sorry, Odilon said it).

What he’s trying to do is show compassion while still painting himself as persecuted. That is a line he can’t walk any more.


Blaming Satan is only a deflection, and precisely implies what I stated, even if the exorcist carefully couched his language to avoid explictly stating as much.

The exorcist’s claims are even worse, falling squarely into classic victim blaming:

According to Fr. Thomas, the age-old taunt — “who’s going to believe you?” — is a Satanic message that is meant to silence sexual abuse victims.

“Convincing people that no one will believe them is what Satan says when something is so outside the bounds of what is reasonable as to be unbelievable,” Father Thomas said.

According to the exorcist, Satan simply convinced the victims that no one would believe them.

The actions of bishops ignoring claims of victims and reassigning “distracting” priests apparently had nothing to do with other victims not coming forward.

Blaming demons is a cheep duck of accountability. It is insulting and infuriating.


Wow, all these things are ancient. The arguments old. The only new thing seems to me to be Contemporary Catholics suddenly discussing these things as if they are all of a sudden relevant to the present. Otherworldly origins? Satanic influences? Satan’s been with the Church since Jesus called Peter by that name. Another cover up discovered? Sigh…its been done, being done and will apparently continue to be done within the Roman Church until Jesus comes back to straighten this lunacy out. Victims have been crying fowl since the Age of the early Church fathers and no progress had been made since. Seems Catholics are more concerned with defending the Roman Church as the unchanging Church that Jesus founded than in defending the truths revealed by Christ by addressing and changing what’s always been rotten within her. Unchanged since its founding…sure is. Question is who founded what?


And what is it that we are charged with resisting? The father of lies or ourselves? Has Satan any active part in these things or is he merely a passive aggressive participant exploiting what is already within us? Are we the source of our own evil or are we somehow tapping into the evil whose source is Satan? What has Satan to do with us if we commit ourselves to hell of our own accord?


Are you equating being Gay with being a pedophile or predatory rapist/sexual abuser?


Your not viewing this from a biblical point. Scripture shows a definite flow from bad to worse until Christ returns. I’d put my money on these things getting worse, not limiting of course these things to Priest abuse.
Better grab your hat and hold on because we are not sailing into calmer waters I can almost guarantee you that. Of course it may seem to get calmer for those who conform to the world but as for those sincerely seeking Jesus…oh boy.


“PJ Media” is a political blog, not where I go to learn about the Faith or Catholic issues.

There is not a ranking system for Exorcists in the US, so, how can this priest be a “Leading U.S. Exorcist”? Each Diocese has or borrows (from another Diocese) an Exorcist. These priests don’t advertise who they are.

Notice that the NCR used the term “an Exorcist”.


No. Chastity covers a broad umbrella of issues, not exclusively sexual predation.


These acts won’t become more frequent, as the cleanup has begun, but more and more of the past will come to light. Hang on folks, it’s going to be bumpy.


So he didn’t say it, you admit this. No, no and no. There is nothing in the article that takes one ounce of culpability off the priests, or any bishop.

This is a Catholic website. If you don not agree with basic tenets of Christianity, then of course you are going to get infuriated. However, we do believe that we are in a constant spiritual battle. You may not believe it, but it is what the Church has always taught. Paul commanded us to look past the physical realm and see the bigger picture.

I know there are many that would not be satisfied with anything the Church will do, has done, could do, or even her very existence. Meh. To paraphrase a meme, stay angry, my friend.


Just checking to see if we were on the same page.
Thank you for replying.


This too is an old story. The clean up was begun in the 4th century. IF anything the Church has regressed since then. Over and over again the Magisterium has declared that these issues will be handled then along comes another scandalous situation which proves otherwise. It wasn’t too long ago that it was discovered that some abusive priests were sent to south America merely to abuse again, out of the publics eye - Well, until these things came to light once again because somebody finally said something. Sure wasn’t the Magisterium though. The Church has had nearly 2000 years to resolve these issues, and I don’t mean prevent them from happening 100% of the time, but establishing open and sincere punitive and preventive procedures for handling such abuses and yet the Magisterium has done nothing but regress, cover up, and create excuse after excuse in dealing with these things. No wonder a non Catholic see’s the Roman Church as an evil institution. Left to themselves they seem to help evil flourish instead of hindering it. There was a time in the early church when some Bishops took it upon themselves to address these things with strict punishments and removal of the abusers clerical rights. What’s happened since to cause the Magisterium to be so confounded idiotic in their handling of these things? Might it be that the Institution of the Roman Church is fundamentally flawed in its recognition and handling of the fact that any of the clergy can commit evil acts in spite of their position and being led by the holy spirit ?


Demon possession. does exist and it absolutely does lessen one’s culpability. This has been the cast for many centuries and just because it is 2018 and people can’t fathom God or Satan, Angels or Demons, even Right or Wrong; doesn’t mean those don’t still exist and don’t work just as they always have.


It seems to me that existing homosexual priests groomed men they came across in the confessional and around the Church. Rather than as ‘littleburgy’ describes how a homosexual man might be attracted to become a Priest, I believe he was “groomed” and sought after by predictors.

Even if The Church allowed priests to marry in the 1960’s, there was a big enough base of predators seeking new predators. Marriage would have just added a layer of pain upon the tragedy. There were countless shows on day time TV of women sharing their pain when they found out they married a homosexual. In many ways, these same women seem to face the same dilemma’s we faced in our marriage to The Church.

How are we going to remove the wolves in sheeps clothing to make The Church safe?

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