Catholic Church Sex Abuse Scandal Is Demonic, Likely to Get Worse: Leading U.S. Exorcist


Scripture shows no such thing, The Gospels declare the Good News.

Put your faith in God and not in the world, we are in the world but not of the world.

The historic sex abuse scandal is highlighted and being dealt with. And it should never happen again either in the secular or religious world.
but then we could say all sins of the flesh will stop, but I highly doubt that. Do you?

humanity as a whole is fraught with sin. And that is in a large part due to temptation and weakness. The first sin, disobedience , resulted from temptation by the devil.


Nevertheless, Satan can and does influence the behaviour of humans who are willing to content to that influence (Satan tempted Jesus, after all). In which case, Satan came up with an excellent and devastating strategy to destroy the credibility of the Church.


The Church’s history documents innumerable cases of authentic demonic possession. The gospels also document similar cases. So if demonic possession is factual, why do you doubt the existence of the less serious condition of satanic influence?


Acknowledging a demonic influence in no way excuses those who cooperated with it.


No, I do not think this is the case.

We are at war with evil


It was odd… but it may have been in context of the end game. That is a well used method of Satan. Water the dark seeds, see if anything grows, if it does continue to water, do as much damage all around as possible, then help send ALL into despair. Damage the faith if possible, divide, corrupt, and then suggest suicide as the final act.

We can make ourselves vulnerable to all sorts to all sorts “watering” from the enemy. In the end though, we have to recognize evil working in our lives and resist. Im not speaking just to this mess, but to the battle we all do in the church militant every day. That could be gossip, anything.

No one is safe from this battle. Not the Pope not the Saints while the were on earth, no one. If you think otherwise, you are in trouble. Sex, money, yourself… it can all be an idol in our lives. These priests, all sinners got there one sin at a time. The first step is to recognize what bad seeds you have, and that can be porn, or rich foods, anything, and to ask God to give you the graces you need, and the will to accept those graces to fight and resist.


Blaming demons is a cheep duck of accountability. It is insulting and infuriating.

I totally agree with this.

I’m dealing with someone irl who has a position of authority and has abused this power and continues to even though they’ve been confronted about this issue. After a recent incident (their employing quitting and saying it was because of the abuse and bullying) they almost immediately blamed other “forces” at work instead of taking responsibility. It must be a coven of satanists, not that they have been getting away with abuse for years, unchecked and can’t handle being held accountable.

These priests chose to abuse. The bishops chose to cover up, to discredit victims. Many of their brother priests and bishops turned a blind eye to these crimes. What is going on is the systematic predation that happens when power, especially in a hierarchy, goes unchecked.

Bottom line: The abusers chose to abuse, they weren’t in some kind of satanic ecstasy unaware of what they were doing.




Can we hate Satan enough?


Man can have God as his master, or the Devil. There is no other.


They chose to follow the Prince of Lies.


They chose to follow their urges at the expense of others.


There’s definitely something almost insidiously coordinated about the ridiculous extent to which pedophiles have infiltrated the Church. I think denying a possible Satanic influence would be reckless, but the guilty priests (the ones who turned a blind eye to the activities of the pedophiles, as much as the pedophiles themselves) cannot be absolved of blame, either. It’s like making Hitler solely responsible for the Holocaust. Without the aid of countless others, Hitler couldn’t have taken the life of a single human being.


The two are not mutually exclusive.


Nowhere have I expressed disagreement with any tenent of Christianity.

Is raping children in school demonic? By parents? The Catholic Church is uniquely qualified to deal with demons. It failed.

The Apostles invoked Christ name, and Legion fell off a cliff. Why were children still raped then, if the scandal is “demonic”? Did nobody think to perform an exorcism while all these teens were being molested in the 70’s? Did the bishop fail to do even that to protect the children?

This talk of demons is utter garbage and hurts the church further. Who will trust an organization publicly blaming demons? Especially an organization that claims divine privilege in extinguishing demons.

I am speaking as a devout believer. That is why I am angry that an exorcist is blaming something entirely irrelevant.

Exorcising demons will not fix the Church’s problems. Only exorcising those humans responsible in a transparent manner will rebuild the church’s credibility.


Whoever said they were unaware of what they were doing? When what one is doing is exceedingly, astonishingly evil, and that the commission of it is fully knowing and voluntary, does the fact that there is some additional demonic influence to it somehow reduce the responsibility for the evil?

I don’t think so, and I don’t think the Pope or the exorcist think so either.


This was meant as an open question as to what it may be attributable to. I never said that I doubted any particular influence. It seems curious to me though, incidentally, that many of these so called demonic possessions happen to those who seemingly are devoted Christians and should the case be that one must willingly give ones will over to the possessor in order to be possessed we should see an exponentially increased amount of non Christians possessed who are indifferent to or unbelieving of the need to willingly resist demonic activities. Is it the case that I’m simply misperceiving the amount of people in the world who are currently possessed? I’m not sure I understand the difference between having free will but losing the ability to act freely according to that will and having no will that is free to act on its own convictions.


I respect you view but respectfully have to disagree. Scripture definitely describes a period of increasing depravity and devastation before Jesus’s triumphant return. Jesus describes a tribulatory period of suffering and misery then goes on to say what he was describing was merely the birth pangs and the worst was yet to come, the likes of which the earth had never seen nor will see again. Scripture states that if those days were not cut short even the very elect would be lost. That is not a message of good news. That is a warning of what’s to come. Jesus is not saying these things to describe what’s to befall only those that don’t follow him. He’s warning those Christians who happen to be alive in the latter days of what they may have to endure before his return to not lose hope in their faith.

Your missing the point here. Historic is correct…and the Church is keeping with its historical actions. Get caught in scandal, publicly denounce the activities, publicly announce these things will get handled, announce a change in action or perspective on the scandals, throw in a few excuses as to why its not their fault, add a dash of comparison to the world and were not being treated fairly, go about their business of seemingly handling the situation with some announcements on policy change, get caught in a scandal again, repeat the process…for 2 thousand years? Come on. No the problem wont go away but the way the problem has been handled sure could; for a better way to handle the problem. Remember the old quip “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results”. I think its quite aptly applied to how the Magisterium has handled and is handling these scandalous situations. What makes you think things will change this time? You act as if something new has happened here.


So you don’t believe in demons, or that they have any influence is that right?


Granted that the Priests recognizably should be held to account for the evil that they’ve willingly perpetrated why in Gods good name would the offenders not be stripped of their ecclesiastical rights at the very least. Scripture quotes Jesus as giving a severe warning to whoever should do harm to children and woe be unto them. Yet the Magisterium in so so many cases couldn’t even see the aptness of removing these rights from the Priests at the very least. Even a spiritual moron could see this should have been the least they could have done. Makes one wonder, who’s more influential over the Magisterium, God or Satan?

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