"Catholic" Church that does not recognize Rome?


My cousin lives in Lanesville, IN. We were visiting recently and she mentioned a church she played music for and went to. She is cradle Catholic. She said it was “something” Catholic Church. When I asked her about it she said they didn’t recognize Rome. I cannot remember the name of the church and cannot find it anywhere on the internet. I want to look it up and have more info since I did tell her it was not Catholic if it didn’t recognize Rome and is not an Eastern Rite church. Her answer was “Well, it says it is.” This is an intelligent middle aged woman and I just don’t get it.

If you can give me any help finding out the name of the church it would help.

I have no idea which church that might be, however if it is not in union with the Pope then it is not truly a Catholic Church. People can call themselves whatever they want, it doesn’t make it so.

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