Catholic Church to oppose gay marriage vote in Ireland


This excuse for a government are a disgrace, complete lapdogs to their Master, the EU, doing everything to make Ireland more ‘hip and with it’, i.e. secular. The recent abortion bill, proposed secularisation of schools and now this (all of which is aside from their cow-towing to the EU for all monetary decisions, i.e. paying off the bank shareholders with no protest, etc.) - makes me sick. :frowning:

*The Catholic Church has indicated it will oppose a vote on gay marriage in the Republic, saying any change to the nature of marriage would “undermine” it as the fundamental building block of society.

In a statement from the Catholic Communications Office, Bishop Denis Nulty said the Catholic Church will continue to hold that the differences between a man and woman are “not accidental to marriage but fundamental to it”.

He says that children have a “natural right to a mother and a father” and that this is the best environment for them where possible.

"Married love is a unique form of love between a man and woman which has a special benefit for the whole of society. With others of no particular religious view, the Church regards the family based on marriage between a woman and a man as the single most important institution in any society.*


Catholic Church to oppose gay marriage vote? This just in out of Dublin, water is wet.


so abortion being legal isn’t good enough for the progressives…now they are trying to redefine marriage.



Enda Kenny and his cronies are dragging Ireland down the moral plug-hole, abortion, same sex marriage, whatever next ?


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