Catholic Church true Church of Christ? (Split from Became catholic Yesterday :) )


I was saddened to read that you had converted to Catholicism. I too was a Roman Catholic for the first 20 years of my life. My mother died in December without any knowledge of where she would spend eternity because her hope was in my brother a RC priest–“Don’t worry about me your brother will get me into heaven” was the last thing she said to me months before she died as I shared one last time with her how by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone could she have the forgiveness of sins and the assurance of eternal life. I have known beyond a shadow of a doubt for 30 years that the moment I leave the world I will be with the Lord in heaven–not because of who I am or what I’ve done but solely on the basis of who Christ Jesus is and what He did for me as He died on the cross bearing my sin and paying the penalty of death my sins demanded of a righteous and holy God who requires absolute perfection in order to get into heaven–see Matthew 5:48 and Hebrews 10:1-14. I was saved by reading the Word of God as His Holy Spirit revealed to me the way of salvation that had been hidden from me by the priests and nuns, family and friends from my home town. I hope that you will read the Bible for yourself and see the truth that will set you free–faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God (the Bible is the only inspired teaching that God has given us–not man’s traditions and practices.)


Faith alone? you realize that faith alone is a man made tradition created by Martin Luther. You realize that contradicts what the book of James says about Faith without works being dead.

Secondly we are saved by Christ’s blood. Not a priest. A priest is a mediator of the sacraments. But it is Jesus who gives us that grace. Secondly Jesus sent his apostles out to forgive and retain sins, so its obvious that Christ wanted people to adminster his graces through the apostles and their succesors. The Cathlolic Church is the only Church that can historically direct its way back the apostles and Christ. The others all stop at Martin Luther and go no further back.

I have heard the same thing from many “fallen” Catholics. But personally I feel the truth is hidden by many protestant ministers, because I went to many different churches all with different views and interperatations of the bible. It was confusing and I didn’t feel the Holy Spirit at all in those Churches. In fact, I never feel the mystery of Christ or the Holy Spirit in any evangelical or protestant church. They all claimed to read the “Bible Alone”, yet they were so different from each other on what they thought the bible taught, and they never even backed up what they thought. Lastly their opinions were very at odds with the early christians and the early church fathers.

Ive been to so many churches and none of them made me feel so filled with the Spirit as the Catholic Church.

I honestly cannot put my trust into one fallible “pastors” interperatation of the bible. Most of them don’t even celebrate the eucharist. Without the Eucharist the church becomes sterile and dead. I want Christ’s real body and blood. I find it arrogant that so many churches have thrown away such an important sacrament.


Mark, your post is most disturbing. You say that you were saved by reading the Word of God. Had you read it more carefully and slowly, you would have realized that the essence of the Catholic Faith is contained in that very Word. Yes, you were saved by the Word of God, the Incarnate, Eternal Word, the final Word uttered from God, Jesus Christ, His Son.

However, how can you reconcile leaving the Church that He founded? How can you deny yourself access to His very Body and Blood through the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Re-read Exodus and Leviticus Chapters 1-8. You will find that everything contained in those books and chapters points to the Sacrifice of Jesus Christ, held in perpetual memorial by His Church.

Do you not take the words of John Chapter 6 literally? In your blindness do you refuse to believe that as Catholics, we receive the very Body and Blood of Christ? Furthermore, you scoff at a Tradition that you do not understand. Read the first Letter of St. Paul to the Corinthians, where he writes, “I hand to you what I have received, that on the night before He died, Jesus took bread and said, ‘This is my body’, and the cup and said, ‘This is my blood.’” Without Tradition, where on earth would St. Paul have received this instruction?

Furthermore, do you not realize that the Bible, as we know it, did not occur “poof” out of the 16th century? No, it was oral Tradition that was committed to writing. The first writings of the New Testament came in the form of Epistles that the Apostles sent to the Churches. The Gospels weren’t committed to writing until some 30 years after Jesus’ Ascension.

I would challenge you to read the complete Bible. Match it to the Catechism. Read it with an open mind and an open heart. While in your post, you served to level some hurtful things perhaps the Lord is using this moment to bring you back home. You may have left the Church, but, she has never left you. Just think how heartbroken your mother would be had she lived to see you turn your back on a Faith that is 2,000+ years strong.


PetersKeys- you rock! :thumbsup:

The Holy Spirit is already working through you. You will often be criticized for your faith as Our Lord reveaeld to the Apostles. Stand by your convictions.

You speak like a seasones apologist. Never be afraid to defend your faith,

Welcome home and may God continue to work thorugh you.



Mark, I pray that the Spirit will allow you to find your way home as well. You are still a Catholic- that mark is always on your soul. You have just lapsed from you faith.

While I disagree with you criticizing Peter’s conversion, I do invite you to continue reading the posts on this board. Maybe the Lord led you here in order to be exposed to the fullness of truth.

Let the Spirit speak to you.


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