Catholic Church v catholic church

These two videos, taught by a roman catholic professor, show how the ‘Roman’ church broke away from the ‘Orthodox’ church.

Any comments?

Please do not comment if you do not watch the two videos in their entirety.

Watching videos…:popcorn:

Wait – you’re giving us the task of watching one full hour’s worth of video, and telling us that we’re only allowed to respond to you if we do? And you’re not even referencing a section of the video that you’d like to discuss, so that we don’t have to watch the whole thing in order to have the honor of entering into discussion with you?!? :rolleyes:

In any case, the Catholic and Orthodox Churches both distanced themselves from each other (and, as it were, both blamed the other for the split). Attempting to spin it as the “‘Roman’ church breaking away from the ‘Orthodox’ church” is a mischaracterization of history… :shrug:

Incidentally, Eamon, you’re being a bit misleading in your post. The source of the videos isn’t a “roman catholic priest”, if by that you mean to have us understand that he’s a priest in good standing with the Catholic Church (i.e., under the jurisdiction of the pope in Rome). Rather, the organization he belongs to identifies itself as the “American Catholic Church,” which is not the same thing. It is led, apparently, by someone who identifies himself as ‘Presiding Archbishop William A. Johnson’.

So, inasmuch as this group is already distinct from the Roman Catholic Church, it would be unfair to assert that what he’s teaching is, in fact, the position of the Roman Catholic Church. :wink:

Well, that sounds like all the comment necessary, then.

that conclusion (highlighted) 1st requires an answer to the following question.

Q: When is the first time in history we see “Orthodox Church” in writing? Please give the reference properly referenced.

That Catholic Church has always been the Catholic Church from the first century. And we see that in writing. #[FONT=Arial]34[/FONT]

I’m sorry, but no one’s going to watch a full hour of video for the sake of an internet forum discussion. Just from reading the description though:

when the Orthodox (or “right-believing”) church excommunicated the Roman church, and vice versa, for the Romans’ addition of a single word to the creed!

Shows such a profound ignorance of history that it’s scary.

I did watch both videos and some others that he has up. While just those two videos grossly mischaracterized history and authentic Christian beliefs, others were worse. But just to comment on those two…

The filioque clause was taught by St Augustine (400’s), Pope St. Leo the Great (400’s), 2nd Council of Lyons (1274), Council of Florence (1439), and others. If the schism of 1054 was because of the Holy Spirit proceeding from the Father and the Son, this schism should have happened 100’s of years earlier. While it was not originally in the creed (formulated in 325), it was definitely taught prior to it being added into the Latin creed seemingly without any real objections.

Unless the OP wants to address a specific claim in the films, I leave it at that.

This isn’t a “Roman Catholic professor”, he’s a former RC priest that left the priesthood due to being gay and wanting to run for elected office (prohibited by the RC for priests). He is now a clergy of the “American Catholic” denomination and works as a school board elected official. I’m sure there’s no conflict whatsoever there. :rolleyes:

The funny thing is, this man says the RC ‘broke away’ from the Orthodox, but he isn’t Orthodox. And he supports all kinds of things the Orthodox Church is against - women’s ordination, abortion, gay marriage, gay clergy, etc - you name it…

There seems to be a bit of an epidemic of former Catholics [resp. EOs, OOs, etc] being used to “prove” that Catholicism [resp. Eastern Orthodoxy, Oriental Orthodoxy, etc] is wrong.

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